Best Australian Music

Making an Aussie day playlist (yes, the day after…) and trying to find the best Aussie music. Got me thinking.

I’m going to get absolutely smashed for this but Kylie Minogue - On a Night Like This is an absolute banger.

On a slightly less contentious note my #1 would have to be Into My Arms by Nick Cave + TBS… wowee. Don’t Fight It by The Panics is also underrated and would be up there in my favourites of all time full stop.

Also nominate:

Girls On The Avenue
The Carnival Is Over

Cloud Factory - The Clouds
Heironymus - The Clouds
Say The Word - Weddoes


/ Thread. :yum:

Now we’re getting somewhere, … try Capricorn Dancer, from Clapton,. … and now, thanks to that, I’ve got Gimmee some lovin, & Sounds of then By Gangagang running through my head…

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Big field.
Oils and Crawl.
Bow River live.

Edit: for something more recent I like Pleasure Drive by Jezebels. Which reminds me, a bit of Divinyls never goes astray. Baby Animals.
Um…Elephant by Tame Impala, British India…


I don’t know why, but I think Johnson’s Aeroplane is my favourite INXS track. Don’t Change is up there.


I reckon if push came to shove, … it would probably be this one

Should have some Moonshine Jug and String Band in there, too.


A few older classics that the younger members of the forum might not have heard before:

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I know it’s true, but i just can’t say it…

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Don’t Change has always been my favourite INXS track

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ACDC let there be rock
ACDC live wire
ACDC Whole lotta rosie
Anything and everything ACDC
Chisels No sense
Goanna Solid Rock
Powderfinger Baby ive got you on my mind Rose Tattoo Rock n roll outlaw live at long bay jail Angels Dogs are talking Models Out of mind out of sight Oils Power and the passion Barnesy Driving wheels John Williamson True Blue tribute to Steve Irwin Ferrets Dont fall in love
INXS everything
Divinyls anything
Kasey Chambers Pony
Flash in the pan Hey St . peter
Hunter and collectors everything
Where do i stop ?


I’d throw in:

Dancing On The Jetty
Melting In The Sun
Black And White

to go with those two classics too.

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C’mon people, … post the songs, … lets make the exercise worthwhile!!!

I agree with the sentiment on Don`t Change.

Yeah, …

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Solid Rock - Goanna