Best Film Lists

Under extreme pressure from @Killer_Mike, here’s a quick list of 40 or so of my favourite films.

There won’t be much of a cross-section with others’ list because I automatically exclude fantasy, sci-fi, super-heroes and Asian films.

I’ve included a few foreign films and should have included a few more, but I have a massive gap in my 50s-70s European viewing…except for The Wages of Fear .

If anyone wonders which version is referred to, bear in mind that I don’t rate remakes. Most of them you wonder why they bothered.

I included Volver, because you’ve just got to have at least one Almodóvar and the only one I hated was Bad Education. I’m not that big on “quear” cinema either.

Here it is…

Meet John Doe
Rear Window
Dances with Wolves
Forrest Gump
I’m All Right Jack
Kind Hearts and Coronets
From Here to Eternity
Lawrence of Arabia
Full Metal Jacket
The Big Lebowski
To Kill a Mockingbird
Goodbye Mr Chips
Mrs Miniver
Sullivan’s Travels
High Noon
Singin’ in the Rain
The African Queen
The Best Years of our Lives
The Shawshank Redemption
The Sting
Double Indemnity
Saving Private Ryan
Dr Strangelove
The Lives of Others
The Life of Brian
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Some Like it Hot
The Third Man
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Cool Hand Luke
Wages of Fear
Wild Tales
Nine Queens
Butch Cassidy and the SundanceKid

And yes, I know Citizen Kane isn’t there. I prefer other films of Welles…in that era.

As Better Davis said in All About Eve, or would have if it had been in the script, COME AT ME!

Just remember that because you like it, doesn’t mean I do.

And I reserve the right to add others. These are not in order.


Can’t argue with that list. Most are all time classic films and ground breaking at the time.

My list would most likely have more of a balance of classics and contemporary films, and certainly more foreign films.

And you can’t have a top forty without Jaws in it😄

So you really like Gilda, huh?
Mentioned three times. :wink:

Wow. Noonan’s taste in movies is disturbingly conventional.

No Le Dîner de Cons?

There are a few in there that I’ve never seen: Meet John Doe, Dances with Wolves, a couple of others.

Top 40s or top whatevers are impossible really. No matter what films you choose, you can always think of half a dozen others that deserve to be in there.

I did a top 10 favourite movies on here a while ago. If I did it again now I bet about half of them would be different.

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Counting down from 20-1

2.0. Gladiator

1.9. American History X

1.8. Trading Places

1.7. Terminator

16… This is England

1.5. Dazed and Confused

1.4. The Shawshank Redemption

1.3. Life of Brian

1.2. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

1.1. Inception

1.0. High Fidelity

.9. The Sting

.8. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

.7. Two Hands

.6. The Godfather Part 1

.5.The Princess Bride

.4. Die Hard

.3. Jurassic Park

.2. The Court Jester

.1. Aliens


Surprisingly, most of these movies have sound.


No1 Evil Roy Slade

Second place etc doesn’t count for Evil.


No sports films?
I like the movies listed but would put Rocky in there.
The 1st Rocky is probably my favourite movie.


I rewatched that recently… Still holds up.


I own the movie…and naturally I ignore the American remake, but it does get a bit nasty and bullying, which is why I suppose you’ve included it.

I should have included some Marcel Pagnol films like Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources, Le Chateau de ma Mère and La Gloire de Mon Père. I just flat out enjoyed them.

Top fillum.

Was trying to work out which Oz movies to include and ended up not including any.

Best boxing film I remember starred Robert Ryan and was called The Set-Up.

I’m more of a baseball fan, never, ever watch boxing bouts, although I do see some movies.

Lots of good baseball films like Pride of the Yankees, Field of Dreams, The Natural, Eight Men Out.

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Don’t rate Marlon Brando?

Twice. Rita Hayworth was pretty special. Had to wear a plastic raincoat to that one.

  1. Gallipoli
  2. Reach for the Sky
  3. Star Wars

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I’ve got On the Waterfront to watch.

No to Apocalypse Now…thought he ruined the second half of the film.

Streetcar and The Godfather would be in consideration.

20 films In no particular order

Con air
The rock
Terminator 1 and 2
Batman begins
Dark knight
Dark knight rises
Indiana Jones and the last crusade
Dawn of the planet of the apes
Man on fire
Crimson tide
Truman show
Ace Ventura
Liar liar
Dumb and dumber
Death at a funeral

For me these are movies I could easily sit down and watch at any time. There are so many more I could include