Best Film Lists


Silence of the
Lambs anyone?


Heaven forbid he change it up😊


I thought it was plain nasty and nasty voyeuristic.


I think that was the point😂


I hit the Like button when I got this far in to this list


Watch Eddie The Eagle if you haven’t already. Fits the mold.


great movie. very enjoyable


Never seen Borat, and l greatly doubt that l ever will. I have seen Cohen in one film when he played a minor role as a gendarme. His own material looks and sounds deplorable.

Just on the Conversation, l highly recommend it. Hackman continues on with his intense good work that he started with the French Connection, which this film, in no way resembles.

l am working on my own list, and will post it shortly. It will be 50 movies, not 40, and for that l make no apology or excuse. My list touches on a little bit of everything, so l am happy with that.


Yep, plus the grim and the grime but the acting was great imo. Hannibal, on the other hand was a complete waste of time and effort.


There’s movies I have already seen that I find myself watching when on fta tv even at the expense of movies that I haven’t seen. Guess this makes them my favourites. Some of the ones that come to mind that havent been mentioned yet are:
Executive Decision
Tango and Cash
The Last Boy Scout
Billy Madison
Face Off
Ghost of Mars
Escape from New York


There should be a button to mute anyone who doesn’t include fight club in their list


seen them all and enjoyed them all (tango and cash im not a massive fan of, but its still entertaining) except i havent seen for Ghost of Mars or Cobra.

Face Off is all kinds of awesome.


Not many people like this film! Not even the director John Carpenter thinks it’s any good according to reports at least lol. I can’t believe you’ve never seen Cobra!


It’s an excellent movie. I tried to keep mine to 20 faves, and left that out given I only watched it for the first time recently. But it’s right up there for sure.


Has anyone watched a little known NZ movie from the early 2000’s
called ’ Rain ’ ?
Under-rated, and will definitely be part of my list.

I don’t think anyone has included The Departed, or The Pianist, or Requiem for a Dream.

Fuaarrk…I better make a list !


Just to add a few that haven’t been mentioned.

Jurassic Park
Flying High
The Naked Gun
Die Hard


I wouldn’t waste a second of my time on any of that list.

And I think Requiem for a Dream is some of the most overrated rubbish I’ve ever seen. Well and truly on my list of films I’d never watch again. Very cautious about any Aronofsky films because of that.


No - I didn’t think you would tbh. But I’m surprised you don’t like requiem for a dream.


The Departed will be on mine for sure.


Both were in mine :slight_smile: