Best fitness apps of 2019!

Hi EFC Fans,
With 2019 kicking off and most of us wanting to be a little be fitter, wondering if anyone has come across any worthwhile fitness apps. I have Nike running training and it is good, but wondering what else others have come across and that is worthwhile and motivating.

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On your bike, sunshine!

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I used to use the Nike running app. Then I got a polar heart rate monitor and have since used Polar app to track runs and general fitness.
I’m waiting for the heart rate monitor to cark it so that I can switch to a fitbit. I know the heart rate monitor is ‘suspect’ but it might be good enough for my purposes.

I used to also use a food diary app but could never keep it up to date.

This isn’t just an app, but includes a USB rechargeable HR monitor that is Bluetooth and Ant+ compatible.

The good thing about it is everything is based on your maximum heart rate, so if you are working extra hard because you are carrying weight, it recognises how hard you are working even if you aren’t running, walking or riding as fast as someone else. So that is encouraging.

My local gym used these for local fitness challenges. Where you get points for how long you spend in various HR Zones. With maximum points for minutes spent at 80% (which is sustainable) or above (which isn’t so much).

I have a garmin fenix…

Best piece of technology I have ever purchased. ( the garmin connect app makes it great).

Highly recommended. Worth the price tag.

Garmin Forerunner 235 linked to Garmin Connect.

Numbers appear like magic.



I have a Fitbit Charge HR 2, which I only wear during periods of exercise and I only use to track the heart rate. It’s generally pretty good for that and certainly much more convenient than the Polar with the chestband.

I also use MyFitnessPal for tracking calories and MapMyRun and MapMyWalk for running and walking. I like them all.

If its not on strava it didnt happen.

Strava is the facebook of fitness apps IMO.

Even follow a Blitzer on strava!




The mirror app, one up front cost, no charging required, when standing in front of it, a person who looks remarkably like you appears.

Without any sound outputs, you can amazingly still understand what the person in the mirror is trying to communicate to you.

Mine has phrases such as:

“Nice rig”
“Yep, still got it”
“Are you pregnant”
“Just get off the ■■■■”
“You still look better than your fat neighbour”
“You almost look good when you hold your guts in”
“You better wear a rashie this summer”
“You’ve given up on life”
“You now need elastics in all your pants”
“You are now the guy who always wears Hawaiian shirts”


My fav is the checking pulse app and the scales app.

I’m still using the same old school fitness apps I always have.

Scales and a Mirror. … and they’re both telling me I need to shed 5 or 10 kegs in no uncertain terms :smile:


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Strava - brilliant.

Apple Watch - worth the money. I only got one recently and it’s so good for fitness tracking.

Sworkit abs and core - I find abs are the easiest thing to forget or just through in 20 sit ups. This app you set how long I.e. 5 mins and it will rotate you through several core excercise. Nothing ground breaking but it’s a great way to actually do enough core work.

F45 Challenge - a great meal plan if your looking. You don’t need to be a member of F45 to use the app. Easy to cook, tastes good and you get good balanced meals that are the right portion size. It’s pretty easy plan to follow if you want to loose weight. Even if not following 100% You can still look at it for a meal here and there when you don’t know what to cook.

Google sheets - there are thousands of apps that are just stat trackers. Use google and create your own.