Best Music Covers of all time


there is a version done by a school kids choir from Cabramatta that was done for the movie Little Fish as well. that Sarah blasko cover was used for the soundtrack i think.

love that movie. love that song. real Sydney.




This song is almost the perfect pink rock song IMO

And this is the perfect rendition

If you do listen, it slowly builds to take off at 1:30


the original is too good. but this tribute to Mal is pretty good.


This is probably a cornerstone of the electric hip hop music of its time

But it’s almost unlistenable compared the RATM reconstruction. One of my all time favourite tracks.



The original is possibly one of the greatest tracks of all time.

Here’s a different version that I still like to rock out to.


That whole RATM album could make this list.




The Beatles version is a decent cover, too.


Not really much of a Foo Fighters fan, but I reckon they really nailed this cover…


“In every…ohh ■■■■ ya ■■■■”. This version is hilarious and wonderfully off key.


Did a fair version of Baker Street too, but without the sax it will never match the original



Hey Blitzers,

Some of you may be aware that I’ve started a new online space to help young and not so young muso’s and artists promote their talent to the music industry by performing covers. Its called uncover.

You have all inspired me to run an event to determine the “World’s Greatest Cover Songs” so I will be including your nominations on our site. In the meantime, here is an interesting cover of Pumped Up Kicks performed by some Melbourne locals. It was generated by uncover and I would love your thoughts on it?


Foo Fighters did Baker Street that is cool.
Oasis doing I am the Walrus is a favourite.
I think it was Supple that covered Staying Alive in the Hurricane Streets sound track, that’s different.



“Jumping the shark”. That means I’ve done something awesome, right??? In which case you’ll love this one.

This time they cover U2’s “Streets Have No Name” and merge it seemlessly with the sixties classic “Cant Take My Eyes Off You”. That’s two covers in one song. TWO covers! In one song! Wow, I hear you say.

No need to thank me.