Best Win of 2023 - Vote

Now the dust has settled on Season 2023 and the Name-A-Game VHS catalog has notified everyone of last orders this week for Christmas gifts.

What was the best win of 2023?

  • Gather Round 5: Ess 104 d 77 Melbourne
  • Dream Time Rd 10: Ess 71 d 70 Richmond
  • Kings Bday Rd 13: Ess 86 d 52 Carlton
  • Round 17: Ess 115 d 97 Adelaide

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The Melbourne win was a wet-weather hard-tackling shellacking of an opponent that has consistently outperformed us for a long time.

The Dreamtime win was a historic win bringing us the first glory in 12 long years against a determined rival and an amazing last gasp mark and goal finish.

The Kings Bday win was a retribution for the previous year 150-year celebration embarassment against one of our most hated rivals, condeming them to (what seemed at the time) a certain year of missing finals AGAIN.

The Round 17 game against Adelaide was backs-against-the-wall last-roll-of-the-dice chance for us to play finals, matched up against a hotter opponent, running against some poor form, we whipped out some champagne football and gave us all (false) hope that we were a worthy finals team.


Melbourne was by far and away the best win. A premiership fancy, whose game revolves around contest and defence. In conditions that suit that game style, we beat them.

Richmond win was good, but they suck. Carlton were junk when we played them. Adelaide no good out of Adelaide.

Has to be the Melbourne win.


The best win in terms of opponent? Yeah, Melbourne.

Best win in terms of pure enjoyment? Dreamtime. So enjoyable.


A lot of factors in each of those wins.
The Melbourne game was against a quality opponent and we beat them with a very sound defensive game style.
The Richmond win was just a great ending.
The Carlton game was just great to beat them on that occasion. There was some dread with the way the first quarter played out, but that second quarter was great.
The Adelaide game was the best style of attacking footy we played.

For me, I can watch all of those games in full again, but the Adelaide game is the one I’d watch again more often.

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The Carlton Win.

Why ?

Because Fark Carlton


KBE had a scinitllating 3rd quarter and all the fun of bobbleheads and CFC supporter meltdowns.

But I have been going with Tiger-loving cousins to Dreamtime for so long and never seen a Bomber win. To win in the last minute, with a respectable indigenous ratio and the fans going spare, was special. As the crowd walked back through the footbridges to Spencer St I heard someone say “you’d think they won a grand final”. For a few moments it felt something like that.


The Richmond win had the benefit of ending that total flog’s (Hardwick) Richmond coaching stint. It’s such a shame that he’s become possibly the biggest flog in the AFL.


Round 21 against West Coast

The Richmond game had the context and the moment, but we didn’t play particularly well and Richmond kept us in it late on.

While Melbourne had an off day against us, we didn’t do much wrong for all 4 quarters and looked like a good side.



Maybe if Gawn was playing it would be Melbourne, also playing them away from home helped us.

has to be the Tigers game for me, we actually stood up when challenged and just held on.

It was a great Dreamtime afternoon and night with both the V.F.L. and the A.F.L. side playing at the M.C.G.
Firstly unfortunately the Tigers pipped us on the post in the V.F.L., but we returned the favor in the A.F.L. with a last gasp win. My view that this, was the best game maybe tainted by the fact that it was the only game I saw live, other than the debarcle they had in Sydney against the Giants. Sat through all three games, hope to see a lot more games next year.
To all of you wonderful people who write report on training keep up the good work,at keeping a 70ish Bomber supporter sane in this hell hole called Sydney.


Definitely not Adelaide, we were very lucky on that day.

Really? We outplayed them for 3 quarters


what? i thought we should’ve beaten them by 8 goals. they couldn’t miss that day.

We were excellent in the first half and had a lot of decisions go our way in the 2nd half to hang on from what I can recall.

Our 3rd quarter vs Adelaide was one of our best for the season.

We basically had the footy locked in our front half all quarter.

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Needs more 1 goal wins against West Coast and North

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I didn’t see the Melbourne or Adelaide games so i can’t really comment on those

Our best quarter of the year was easily the 3rd quarter in the Farkcarlton game, but it wasn’t a complete game

Richmond weren’t great but i feel we broke a mental barrier that game. Hopefully it means we put a run on them now

Belting the hawks round 1 deserves a mention

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