Big Sammy Draper - #1 ruckman now #2 (Part 1)

Our first rookie draftee, Draper, is a 202cm ruckman from South Adelaide, weighing 105.8 kgs aged 18.

From Inside Footy:

Soccer background.

Can play tall back, tall forward and ruck.

Played Under 18’s in the SANFL, averaging 4.6 kicks.


Only just started playing AFL so he’s probably a really good kick.

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Only just started playing AFL so he's probably a really good kick.

C’mon… you like him already… reminds you of Brad Green with all that soccer background…

Those highlights in the rookie thread were decent…CLUNK!

Reminds me of Josh Jenkins.

Good pick

thats what rookie lists are made for

Welcome to Essendon, Donald

Decent wing span!

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Looks a beauty!

Just saw the highlights package…looks a great get.

Why does that highlights package make me slightly optimistic?

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Decent wing span!

More than that, a project ruck with actual meat on his bones, not one who needs to be force fed like some fois gras goose.

Looks incredible for a guy who has played the game for 8 months!

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Don Draper


Looks very promising.

inappropriate comment

He is very well proportioned for such a young guy at that height

Great get!

a lot to work with, could still grow a bit before 20

I wonder if he’s any relation to the former Australian tennis player and golfer Scott Draper.