Bigger drama for GC Suns

Apparently ■■■■■ Slapping Cambell Brown is set to be sacked after an incident with a team mate in Arizona.


I bet he is already on the phone to his daddy!

Karma is a... etc.


He king hit Steven May and broke his jaw.

What a thug.

Not sure what Campbell did. But he is a ****


Is king hitting just punching someone first these days?


It used to mean when people weren't watching.

Went Apeness.

The old Setanta O'Hailpin friendly fire. 

CAMPBELL Brown could be sent into early retirement after the 30-year-old allegedly left teammate Steven May with a suspected fractured jaw in an incident after the club's high altitude training camp in Arizona. 

The Suns are reviewing the incident, which took place in Los Angeles at the completion of the club's 18-day high-altitude camp and did not involve any other players.   

May is expected to require surgery.

so he slapped him and broke his jaw?

What a ■■■■

And he called Lloyd a sniper…

At least Lloyd didn’t pick off a team mate!!

Career over Campbell…hopefully…

Breaking news: Flog engages in flog behaviour. More at 6.

He king hit Steven May and broke his jaw.
What a thug.

in what article did you read he king hit him , cause nothing i read stated this. amazing when articles say what you want to hear people

run with it

c**t of a bloke

Like father, like son.


Top bloke. Said no one ever.

Sounds like he was high.

It’s been said but for Campbell it needs repeating. What an out and out ■■■■.