Bitcoin, and other tulips


So if blockchain currencies become so widespread and accepted as a form of payment does that mean it effectively increases the money supply and cause mass inflation/devaluation of the fiat currencies?


Can I just invent a cyber currency, put a value on it, and have people give me money to buy what is essentially absolutely nothing too?


This is happening a lot, there called ICO’s. The vast majority of cyrptos are pure scams.


What happened?


i’ll have to find out, i haven’t spoken to anyone from that place for a while. i think he sold out a year or two later when it “crashed” early on.

DAYM he would be spewing.


‘But you lose half of it in tax!’ someone, probably


Hardly worth it then…


The Market Cap today cracked $1trillion.

Did anyone grab tron at around 2c and make some massive profit when it went to 30c?
Electroneum is a big mover today and has made me some decent cash (available on Cryptopia).

Also have some money invested in Tron, IOTA, Status and Verge.

It’s a shame i’m a student and don’t have enough cash to make any large profits.


Nice spread of coins. I think they’ll all do well over a 12 month period if you can hold.

Bought into Tron at $0.045 but will hold 6 - 12 mths. Also bought Reddcoin at $0.004.

Tron and reddcoin are my speculative cheap picks for now.

Almost also bought into Poe 2 weeks ago. Kicking myself I didn’t as it was $0.02 but is now $0.20


I bought Tron at $.18 so hoping for another run. Rumours of an announcement this week about a big partership?


Yeah, I’m expecting Tron to rise this next week or two


I’m happy to remain invested in Super Mario Kart coins.


How did everyone go today? Hold on to your XRP?




Yep, has you thinking though doesn’t it when it dips to $3.20 odd in no time. If you aren’t day trading it’s best to not check too often but like the saga I’m finding it hard to stay away. Holding Stellar as well as a few others.


Double down!




What makes you say that?


Lack of a fully developed amygdala …?? :smirk:


Why even come into this thread?