Bitcoin, and other tulips


Whos up to their eyeballs in tron?


I’m on it - not up to my eyeballs.


It will rebound. Buy low, sell high.



I relented, and got a bit.

Not much, but enough to be happy if it balloons.


Did well on tron, but now it’s half the price it was four days ago and I’m back to the price is bought in at.


It’s hilariously all over the shop


Has anybody else tried to move Bitcoin recently?

I’ve had two transactions never be confirmed, which then requires a bit of farking around to get them deleted, and then you have to resend them. Took days of farking around.

I moved Ripple and litecoin at the same time, and it happened instantly. (You know, the way it’s supposed to.)

Litecoin does everything Bitcoin does, only quicker and cheaper. It’s still my smoky to be the ‘last coin standing’ at the end of all this.


Where are you buying all these obscure coins?


Also I have a bunch of chocolate coins left over from Christmas. I’m thinking they are well overdue to go through the roof.

My plan is to sit on them for 12 months while they appreciate, then eat the profits


Pretty sure if you sit on them for 12 months there will be some sort of melt down.


Isn’t this the case with everything though?

Like I’m not saying e coins make any sense, but something like gold for instance only has value because we say it does. Everything is just invented


You saw the alley oop my friend, well played


It’s a bubble!


1st gen vs 2nd gen.


To test for over sensitivity to risk taking themed humour,… of course :roll_eyes:


That test would probably work better if you used humour.


I think you’re right about litecoin.


Holding Ripple becoming stressful.


Has ripple gone live in japan/ Korea? For daily transactions?


Triple down!

But yes. It’s dropping quick.