Bitcoin, and other tulips


I have placed orders that have got stuck where my total balance was less than available. It has caused me to miss out on gains when selling.

Agreed Litecoin is great, I buy it on coinbase and transfer to other exchanges instead of buying BTC all the time.


FML the sky is falling! - Just sold all my NEO that is way up and bought more XLM ,ADA and TRON.

Waiting for the Wales to come in and get the bull market going again.


I’m sure they said that in 1929 and 1987 and 2007


Anyone else remember the dotcom crash… man this has all the same hallmarks.


Gutsy confidence in Tron mate.


It’s pretty new. Signed a partnership with a Chinese company today (their Netflix equivalent). It was up near .30 a week or two ago. Now down quite a bit. It’s a volatile market at the moment. My strategy is to hold from as a medium to long term investment.


i’m curious to know the answer to this too. i htink people have mentioned it in posts all over this thread, but hard to keep track off.

which place is peoples best starting point for getting into this craze.


also where are some good places to look up all this stuff, and how get a better picture of how read the markets so to speak?



BTC Markets and Binance

Look at YouTube, Reddit and cyptocompare have how to guides and latest info.


Coinspot has a few of the more obscure coins.

Binance stopped taking new customers last time I checked.


Twitter used to be a great source of info but it’s turned to ■■■■ over the past few weeks.

Also, discord can be useful.

Reddit is/was great


Just start by chucking $50 or so into it, and then play around. As soon as you have a stake in the game, you figure it out pretty quickly.


Binance started again yesterday


Ah cool. What are fees like? Coinspot is ridiculous.


I was told 2 days ago to sell everything because the mkt was going to crash today … I didn’t but gee I could have made a killing …

I’m pretty certain today’s price movements were orchestrated by a very large group in a particular overseas country …;


Binance is much better. I’ll only use coinspot to buy what’s not on binance


sweet, thank you all for starting references :)…

one last thing, fees, is it mostly just fees on transactions, or are there general montly account fees or that, or different ways for different sites.


or i’ll lose the 50 in 2 mins and go ■■■■ this hahaha … nah but thanks for the advice again :slight_smile:


Just transaction fees