Bizarre Events Thread


Not the almond lollies anymore. It’s torrone this time


That will sort your fillings out if it’s chewy


I assume that’s an almond nougat like the Spanish turron blanco.


The one and only


I love blitz.


Signore e signori per favore potete fermare i vostri ragazzi scorrevole sulla pista da ballo. Grazie.


You started the speeches yet?


Father of the bride with microphone too close to the mouth.
People talking amongst themselves.
MC smiling on.


I swear he said something along those lines 5 minutes ago.

The classics are being played tonight

Calabrisella mia

No ci sara or tarantella…yet


Yeah, 9:30. Finished 5 minutes ago.


And of course… Ave Maria


So are all the teenage boys hanging out in the lobby or outside?


Cross off tarantella


Not me, I’ve been on Blitz


Buonanotte Rosso. Buon divertimento. Io vado a letto adesso.


It always chokes me up, powerful, powerful stuff.


Usually I say I’m envious of you because you are funny but now I’m even more envious of you. I still have at least 2 hours to go. Then up at 4 to line up for GF tickets


Don’t worry you’re in the home stretch now.

They’ll start bringing round the wedding cake on platters now, back up the wedding car (a GT probably), outfit change for the newlyweds, last dance, the long goodbye and you’re out of there.

Dont forget to grab a centerpiece on the way out.


Are the Nonna’s up and dancing???


If it was an Italian-Jewish wedding, they’d play ‘Oy-vey Maria’