Black with a Red sash (unless directed by the controlling body)

From about 2000 the logos have been sublimated onto the jumper as part of the design.
They actually have 14 jumpers in each jumper number to get rid of at the end of 2023. (Seven different jumpers, two of each for the blood rule)
And given no-one knows who will be picked for a game in six months time from when the jumpers are being made, it’s expedient to make all of them.
Some player also have a long sleeve made.

Interesting. When you say get rid of - how? Do they auction them, donate them, or do they destroy them?

It just seems that the club must have a good number of expensive (for us) footy jumpers they must “get rid of” at the end of each year.

They’re probably the ones they get the player to sign, then frame and plaque then, so as to auction them for $800+ depending on the player.


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The get given away to staff or the players and end up on Facebook groups so nerds like me can buy them, either match worn or not.

Then there are the proto type samples that are never actually used which sometimes don’t have player numbers, but are player fit and gave a GPS pouch.

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These are also used as spares.
If a player has a blood issue and has to change their jumper, they wear the backup.
But if they get blood on that jumper as well, the Property Manager has to find a jumper in their size, then heat press his number onto the spare jumper.
It’s happened a couple of times. The giveaway is the numbers on the third jumper won’t have the AFL logo on them.

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