Blatant cheating by umpires


If these bastards didn’t cheat, we could have beaten Collingwood and could have improved our percentage. Fark.

I was like the vibrating man in that game.


It was there. If you were a particularly ■■■■ umpire, or on the take, or SPECIFICALLY DIRECTED TO BY YOUR EMPLOYER


No it wasn’t. We just got more than them. Umpiring was woefully inept.


I’m surprised that people are saying Franklin’s free was incorrect. He propped because he could see the ball was going way over his head. Hurley’s biggest weakness is that he lets players lead him under the ball and this was no exception. But rather than stop when Buddy stopped he clumsily careened into the back of Buddy and made significant contact with the back of Buddy’s head. How’s that not a free? . (Of course, ten minutes later Buddy shoved Hurley in the back of the neck and should’ve been penalised. )


The Umpire told Hurley he was penalizing him because he wasn’t going for the ball. Nothing to do with head contact.


But Buddy was, apparently.


There is NO WAY in this world that wasn’t a free to Hurley against Buddy.

POXTEL commentators all agreed.

It was a terrible decision.


Hurley had his eyes on the ball not on Buddy.


Totally agree and I think Channel 7 commentators agreed too.


Everyone agrees on that one. I’m talking about the one paid to Buddy a bit earlier.


Yep, and while I agree with the decision, the reason given was incorrect.
Re the comments about eyes on the ball, Hurley was watching the ball and Buddy wasn’t, but when you jump into the a guy and make contact with the back of his head that’s a free no matter where you’re looking.

EDIT: It’s funny that I’m in here defending the umpires. I’ve felt that we’ve copped a really bad deal over the last couple of months with the lowest point being the Eagles game. I just don’t think they performed that poorly on Friday night. Two absolute clangers went against us (Buddy pushing Hurley and Walla tackling Jones) but outside of those there were just the usual 50/50s which sometimes go against us and sometimes the other way.


Can someone explain their rationale for tippas non htb on that tattoed ■■■■■ lookalike


P enis.
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Yep. The umpire felt he got the handball away. Hard to tell on the replay whether he did or didn’t, but given the amount of time he’d had it prior to the tackle and the time it took him to actually get rid of it the HTB free should’ve been a no-brainer.


The 50m against Parish really ■■■■■■ me off.


Umpires Bias

He did dispose legally after getting back onto his knees, but the ump applied a non-standard interpretation of “immediately”.

Rule 15.2.3:
(a) Where the field Umpire is satisfied that a Player in possession of the football:
(i) has had a prior opportunity to dispose of the football, the field Umpire shall award a Free Kick against that Player if the Player does not Correctly Dispose of the football immediately when they are Correctly Tackled


I don’t know, … but it’s clearly not.


Umpire told Hurley it was a contest of strength, and Buddy won it.


Just bumping up the Blatant Cheating By Umpires thread in anticipation of some Blatant Cheating by Umpires today.

If we have Margetts today, the AFL must have something in mind bringing him all the way from WA for this match.


Hoping that Woosha’s “please explain” after his last outing may make him think twice.