Umpires Bias


They don’t? Could have fooled me.


After watching the replay I thought the free was in line with everything else they had paid for blocking/pushing guys going for marks.

The one against Hurley (stiff), the one to Brown on the half time siren, the one against Guelfi (stiff) and a couple of others.

If they paid them against Richmond, there’d be 297 frees a game.


It’s all part of the ruse


To be honest that’s part of my problem with the game currently. That sort of free is let go all the time. Instead of umpiring the rules and the AFL making sure umpires are trying to be consistent always, we take about consistency in a game or an interpretation setting the tone of the game early.

How about consistency across an entire round, a month, a season? It shouldn’t be that hard (minus a few mistakes which I’d accept) but the AFL have shown through their actions they don’t really care about it and any real scrutiny of umpires/umpiring is just carefully handed and then forgotten about.

Anyway this isn’t really directed at you tinhillterror, more just my annoyance with umpiring leaking out.


Another thread on this? We’ve had a good couple of weeks with the maggots too.

Two weeks ago called, and they want their thread back.


I agree.thi even back when I was a kid the umpire would come in and check your boots. He’d tell you what he was going to pay or be on the lookout for that game


That’s what I used to do.
And I’d tell them that I would look after the guy (well, kid) first to the ball and going for the ball.


Heeney didn’t just drop the ball he deliberately tossed it to the ground making it look like it had been hit out of his hand …yet no Essendon player touched it at all …staging pure & simple …as for Buddy & the forearm chop to the back of Hurley’s head/neck area not being called a free for Hurley was beyond a joke it was a high hit not a nudge to the back with the forearm…still it was Buddy !!! & the one where Buddy stopped & propped causing Hurley to run into him as he was going for the spoil with eyes for the ball only to be told by the umpire he wasn’t going for the ball ?? wtf???


actually they do that when the could be a report just to pot the player


@Gate4 stfu. If you don’t like the thread find another.

I made it to simply state what I saw and continue to see. I know I’m not the only one as I have an army of mates off the forum who couldn’t agree more.

Respect my opinion, and I’ll respect yours.


The umpire’s position for this contest was awful. He was behind Hurley and there was no way he could have see the Hurley was watching and ball and that Franklin wasn’t and propped back into him. When in doubt pay the free to buddy.


I thought the one on Brown was exceptional umpiring.

On first view I thought Brown had infringed on the Sydney bloke taking the mark. The umpire had to be both in perfect position and watching the entire contest to actually see that free kick to Brown.


The umps will try and kill off any chance we have in making finals on Saturday.

Bookmark it.


Just finished watching the replay.
I counted 7 goals which were either denied us or gifted to Sydney through outrageous (non) decisions. That’s 42 points.

In the 1st minute alone, there was a 12 point turnaround with no HTB to Tippa, leading to a goal to Palmer.

I’ve been grumpy but resigned watching this [email protected] through our recent years of mediocrity, but now we are becoming contenders, it’s going to cost us a final or a flag.

I demand a Royal Commission.


Three weeks in a row that Brown has been shoved by an opponent into one of their own teammates. Umps stuffed it up the first week, but have got the last two weeks right.


Unfortunately, this prediction has as much surprise factor as predicting the sunrise.


Very true unfortunately

If only is was a prediction.


Done with your song dance yet?

A little searching and reading & you’ll quickly realise there’s another thread on this, with a discussion that’s been gong on for over a couple of weeks, and close to 900 posts! You could have shared your ‘opinion’ there. We don’t need a new thread everytime someone thinks of something.


There are way more umpires showing blatant bias against us than we have threads on umpires’ blatant bias.


24 hours late and you’re still waffling on about crap?
Do I care about another thread. Nope.

Go thread police elsewhere, what are you, a child.