Blitz Collection of Best Posts 2014

I am new to the Blitz Forum,  and I am not so sure you have any Blitz awards.  But it could be fun and serve to collate whats best about the Blitz for the season,  which has given me some great laughs this year.
There are a lot of clever,  caustic, contentious , controversial,     and hilarious posts and some threads that have made me ROFL .  eg.  GIFS and the Age headline threads.
I could kick it off with this one.  Great bit of photoshopping  by the Chapman 

Anything in the MUTLEY thread. LID OFF 2014

Or this post by  Windy Dill in the Describe our Season with a GIF.   ( 2013  season)



I think CJ runs one in the Stargazer forum.