Blitz Flight Plan donors - book launch!

ok Blitzers, think back a few years…

a group of 60 generous Blitzers chipped in, and together we raised over $3000 towards the ‘Flight Plan’ fundraising effort for the club.

One of the benefits was a commemorative book to celebrate the move to the new training facility. I’m delighted to let you know that it’s been finished, and there will be a launch for the book on Friday 2 March, from 6pm to 8pm, out at The Hangar (aka the new place!). Canapes and beverages will be provided.

An invitation has been extended for two Blitzers to attend, so if you were one of the Blitz Flight Plan donors, and would like to attend, please add your name below or send me a PM, by Sunday 4 February. If we have too many people interested I’ll do a random name selection.

And similar to the commemorative jumper, the book will randomly go to one of the Blitzers who were part of the group.

(if you can’t remember if you donated or not, send me a message and I’ll check the list!)

cheers! :slight_smile:


bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont think ill be able to make it that night, hopefully the invites dont go to waste…

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Bump! Still no takers!

I’m happy to go as a flight plan donor, just not a blitz flight plan donor.:grin::grin: