Blitz On Sale / Blitztree / Blitzbay take 2!

there was a query about having a Buy Swap Sell thread on Blitz - we did have one, ten years ago! so time for a new one. Will hopefully be really handy!

I’d make the obvious comment about online selling and being sensible, but hey, this is Blitz :stuck_out_tongue:

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So is this just for Essendon Memorabilia ?

nope, anything! cleaning out your cupboards and want to offload? looking for a book to complete a collection? post away!


Could be a good vinyl market place


So we just post…Wanted to sell … or even Wanted to buy …

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yep! probably need to give a general location for pick up or whether you’re happy to post as well. Then you can sort out the rest via PM once someone makes contact :slight_smile:

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I have a stone benchtop that came out of my kitchen when we renovated. It’s a creamy colour with brownish speckling in it. Dimensions are 1200mm x 2115mm, with a sink cut-out of 480mm x 980mm. It’s up on Marketplace for $200, but any Blitzer can have it for $100. In excellent condition and perfect for a kitchen reno or your man-cave extension. I won’t deliver it as this sucker is heavy. I will help you lift it into a van/ute because I’m a good bloke, but you’ll probably need a couple of mates to help. Pick-up in Eltham.

Either or both please.