Blitz Probe Cycling


Yep during your prolonged visits to India when it sits idle is not ideal.


Learned to put my tires down at least. Learned that after getting two flats immediately on coming back last time :smiley:




Thats a pretty decent crack Barry.



Any back story to this?


Caption on Insta just says he’s getting a new Swift!


Well I had my first bikepacking experience with the hipster collective from commuter cycles in brunswick, melburn.

Good weekend for it. They rode out to Warrandyte and camped by river - swim was a nice bonus at the end of the ride.

Big surprise for me was the more experienced bikepackers had a lot less stuff and mostly attached to the front of the bike, not the rear.


Did Coles Bay half ironman on the weekend. Happy to average over 30kms/hr for bike leg approx 2:52.
Though 90kms on the aero bars/drops in a trisuit almost cuts you in half.


No race this year, but plenty of dots to watch, starting 17/3


Sweet, could see myself doing this stuff… If I could only get away from the family and convince some mates.


It’s the most interesting part of cycling for me at the moment. Basically mountain-bikers reinventing touring and taking it off sealed roads. It is up to you whether you do the full free camping option or stay in towns.

This facebook site is good for Australian content

This US site is good for how to get started and seeing what the real experts are doing


Just found a nice frame in my size on BM … listed by Hal Hunter! Anyone keen to pick it up for me? :smiley:




Dunno somewhere in Melb. Probably a touch too small for me anyway.


New bike day :smiley:

Well, new to me. Bought a second hand Bianchi Infinito. Going to strip the Propel for parts for the build. Reasonably excited.


What’s wrong with the propel?


More what’s wrong with me. Not as flexible as I used to be since I stopped racing. My preferred ride is 100km or so, and the propel isn’t cut out for that. Plus, I hate the stupid aero brakes…


And Queensland roads aren’t be best on a stiff frame either. An endurance geometry for the win.
My old Domane died at 61,000km earlier this year, bought a new - 2 years old but unused Domane afterwards, and scavenged all the good bits off the old bike.


Sharing my thoughts

Found this cycling clothing at
so they also customise cycle jersey?
i like the color and mesh!