Blitz Sponsorship Group 2016! New section created :-)


Third player has been confirmed - Gach!
Fourth player to be chosen late February - stay tuned :slight_smile:

All spots have been taken, however if you are still interested in taking part, sing out, as there’s always the chance some people may need to drop out!


so Blitz is going to sponsor Tippa and Yestin! and I’m helping benfti with the organisation of the group.

We’re looking for 36 people, each contributing $40.

What do you get for that? well, truthfully not a lot! The money doesn’t actually go to the players of course, or it would cause all sorts of issues with salary cap etc – it’s basically just a donation to the club. We’ll receive an invitation for four people to attend the Player Sponsor Cocktail Party and signed framed pictures of Tippa and Yestin (these will probably be allocated by a random draw).

But the main thing is, you get the warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping two players feel adored and appreciated :smiley:

Given a few people had already expressed interest in sponsoring, they’ve been given first priority, and we’re just waiting for a couple of people to get back to us. But the rest of the spots are up for grabs, so if you’d like to join us, the first 25 or so people to add your name below will be in!

(If you miss out on a spot, but are interested, please still add your name – it may be that some people end up having to drop out, or there may even be enough interest to sponsor a third player!)

We’ll be collecting the money in late January.

Hope that provides all the info you need – if not, please ask!


@“My Dad Charlie” - you’re in if you still want in? Will send you a PM

@TWatson32 , you’re now first draft pick, @gorgo you’re second :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in K. Good to see us doing this again.

I am IN.

I’m in!

Yeah. Count me in.


In, obviously

Count me in

I’m in

I’ll play.

  1. don;t choose mckenna if peeto joins in.
  2. don’t let peeto join unless you want the players career to die.

Add me to the list.

I’m captivated by the Eades story, so would love to assist. And who doesn’t love Tippa? Two great choices.

Me too!


TIPPA? I’m in, like yesty.

I’m in

How will you be collecting the money?


Yep, me too.