Blitz Watch Along - Week 10 - Second Chance Edition! F*** Carlton Round 23 2016 @ 8 Tonight

Will Ambrose ever take a mark? Even on the chest?

And we won.

Dempsey twenty metres clear in front of goal.

Essington: kick to huge guy on TIPPA.

No wonder he’s urinated off.

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What’s with the countdown clocks at the ground??

They’re called Mercy Clocks.

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Lol Levi



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No wait yay that goal could get us clug

Don’t care… WE! ARE! ESSENDON!


LOLz. Classic Levi.

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Id forgotten just how much fun that game was

And the final vote is open

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They even let Gwilt join in.

A tiny slice of the post-match awesomeness:


I gave every single FC fan a fine send off. ■■■■ them.

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Apart from Simpson and Cripps the Blooos really stunk. Zach cut them up by foot, but he thing that reall stood out was Caaarlton’s inability to put on much in the way of pressure. Joe Dan was a class above, and Tippa’s second goal was an absolute gem. Matty Dea was serviceable, and Silvagni not only looks like his mum, but plays like her as well. As comfortable as that win was we should have won by more, much, much more.

Many thaks to Blitzer Bonzo and Missus Bonzo for hosting me for the game at their place tonight, and for the fabulous pavlova during the third quarter.


You really don’t like Fark Carlton much, do you?

Nope, l don’t like them much at all. l don’t hate them like plenty on here do, but l have to respect them, they have beaten us far too often in the past for me not to be wary of what they are capable of. Or, oat least that used to be the case. This century they have been a mere shadow of their former selves, that is the legacy left behind by Big Jack. They took a turn for the worse under his leadership.

My motto for them, “Get Jack back.”

True, there were large moments in that quarter when the cake out ranked the footy.

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