Blitz Watch Along - Week 10 - Second Chance Edition! F*** Carlton Round 23 2016 @ 8 Tonight

Due to a lack of a gold coast game all 2nd place options get another go.

  • Sydney 1998
  • FC 2016
  • GF 1984
  • Adelaide 2013
  • Anzac Day 2013
  • Melbourne 2016
  • QF Geelong 1989
  • PF North 1983
  • Richmond 1995

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FC 2016 for me.

Great day

I say crank it back all the way to 1983!

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Geelong final for me.

It was the first final i went to.


Likewise, was only 6. My older brother took me along.

Good spread of early votes but FC and Geelong jump out ahead

Get on 84 people.


How are people not selecting 84?


Coz I have watched '84 many, many times.

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FC and Geelong maintaing a small lead over a rare ANZAC Day win

Spoilers, man, spoilers!

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Oh fk, didn’t even get past the 84 GF, worried that we’ll be splitting the oldies vote.

I saw Melbourne 2016 and immediately voted for it, but I’d like to change to FC 2016. The Melbourne game was a very proud day, but so was the FC day, especially that year.

So was FC last year. The only downside to it is that it led to the sacking of Brendan Bolton. I was hoping he’d be coach of FC in perpetuity.

does what happened the week after take away some of the gloss of a win like that?

Click show vote.

Will allow you to change

Thanks. Done.

Pretty sure I have a couple of GC games I may be able to upload.

Or we could watch the 84 grand final. :slight_smile:


Anytime you beat the Blooos is sweet, so 2016 for me.