Blitz Watch Along - Week 3 1965 GF 8pm tonight

So it turns out there isn’t a full game upload for GWS.

So i give you a special premiership edition!

8pm start time friday april 10th and polls close 5.30 that afternoon.

  • 1965
  • 1984
  • 1985
  • 1993
  • 2000

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Voted 2000 because I’ve never really sat and watched that game in a very long time.

Why aren’t there any HD options?

Seriously not even Cale from last year gets a full game upload.

But i got y’all!! Lets watch a flag.

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Voted for 1965, have not seen it or any highlights.

could watch rd 15 2019 on AFL live pass

Not everyone has easy access to that unfortunately.

Anyone with a internet connection can use youtube. So in other words. You’ll pick a GF, sit down and watch it and Like it!

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We’ll also have a special edition for the gold coast game.

All 2nd place options from previous polls will get another chance

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Keen to see 1950…Coleman, Reynolds. Somewhere there must be vision?!?


Well, you’ll LIKE the first quarter and a half.

How are the frees in that one. It’s a completely different game!


84 and 65 the early pace setters

Get around the '65 premiership!


Note to self, don’t use all my likes before HT this week.

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Yeah im jumping ship to 65.

Have never watched it

Small disclaimer here the 65 tape is not retouched. It is the original black and white feed.

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Even better, will have authentic feels.

The way I see it, the majority of Ess supporters have seen the other ones listed, or know the folklore. Many were there.

How many know anything about that era? Do we have any Blitzers who actually attended? Or even just have memories of the time?

When would you ever get another chance like this? The extraordinary circumstances, make it even more meaningful. Most people would never bother with footage that old usually.

I reckon it would be a lot more fun, and truly memorable. I’ll go early and say no matter what else you show this year, nothing will beat it.



Maybe @Captain_Jack :smiley: