Blitz Watch Along - Week 8 vs North Melbourne 1990 Fosters Cup GF Tonight @ 8

Im back to normal service next week for the north game.

Same time, same place. Lets go

  • 1983 Preliminary Final
  • 1990 Fosters Cup GF

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If we are going to watch real pounding. I can’t remember us playing a more complete game than the 2000 qualifying final.


I grouped 2000 QF in with Lloyd and Carey 99 or the comeback.

I did consider chucking in the 93 loss.

I haven’t seen ethier game so i flipped a coin and got 1990

l have begun some part time work on a Friday night, so l will be missing being there with the rest of you. l will still vote as it means l will watch the game on a traditional Saturday afternoon time slot. This work also explains why l was missing in action last night. l went for the night GF, as it slightly more obscure, as in less well knwon. I am a little surprised only 2 options were put up. Looking forward to the end of the lockdown, so the real game can recommence. It has been an interesting walk down memory lane, but getting itchies for the real stuff to start agaon. Go Bombers.

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Missing the 2016 clapping game.

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Surprisingly we have a lot of “well knowns” agaisnt this mob and they are all available but i wanted to keep my promise of providing some obscure options and this was as obscure as i could get with North.

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Not Available.

On a bleak afternoon I thought I might warm you up with the following taster vs the Tin Rattlers
1985 at Windy Hill
20 minutes of first half highlight gold.

Especially for those younger Blitzers who never got to see Tim Watson at the peak of his game.
Plus Lovely Leon, a Madden ruck exhibition, baby Harvey & Thompson and a host of cameos.
As a bonus there’s also a certain Norf hack called Demetriou running around to boo.


2 votes in it. Might be another close vote

was thinking of this game. up by 97 points at Half time. fair effort

Bad memory from a North game. Mid 90s, Got rolled in ■■■■■■■ rain. Mum left her car lights on and we had a flat battery. Had to wait for the entire car park to empty for the RACV because no ■■■■ would give us a jump start.

If @Mrs.WOB can get onboard so can I.

Thanks for giving @scotty21 something to do every Friday :D. Im also voting against what ever he picked


Wait what?

That wasn’t part of the deal!!

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Also he eats as much nuggs as you all think he does.


I regret doing this now.


Actually feel like watching a game where Wayne Carey runs riot. Sensational footballer.

Any football lovers who know other norf games anyone can think of worth a watch?

The 1993 game versus us is pretty amazing (not just Carey).