Blitz Watch Along - Week 8 vs North Melbourne 1990 Fosters Cup GF Tonight @ 8

Fark Carlton should have been listed first!!


My old man hated Don Scott with a passion. Only ever referred to him as the handbag carrier.

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You may have missed the bit where all three are Fark Carltons.

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I like these Easter Eggs.

I thought Grenvold was very good, and should have been in the best. I was surprised how many players we had who never quite made it and looked very good in this game, especially Werner and Considine. Burns looked good and Plain certainly was an unfulfilled talent

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Richmond vote open

Listed or fisted?


Hinch started to be an overnight star thirty years ago. Is about to reach that status right now.

Just used my last like. They survived!!

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I apologise for not wantonly wasting your LIKEs.

Very interesting to see competitive pre season footy.

Enjoyable watch.

Antrobus with that hair was something else, actually there were a few good mullets in there.

How long did Manning play for us ? I don’t remember him at all.

Manning definitely played with us in 1991. Ended up at St Kilda?

EDIT: wrong order.

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Played at St Kilda first

I knew he played 1991 because I did that side trip in the TARDIS tonight to see us vs Sydney.

Vicky verka! Thanks for a good time, people. Enjoyed it lots. Good night.

He with us for 3 seasons. Strange that I don’t remember him, oh well.

Played in the Prelim in 90 and got dropped for the GF.

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Longmires game was putrid

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