Blitzcast TONIGHT





Back again with player reviews, and other rubbish.


Rolo will post links.

on the google thing again?


can you repost the link

thats probably a rolo question FB, id say so

With special 25 minute player pants critique.

Damn it. I’m ooout. Next time give more warning!

$5 on someone will be making coffee before it starts





Stream's on now, playing more sick beats.

Gonna call in juiced up on Thymosin BETA

The beats are the best part.


Maybe not jokes.

I am new to the Blitzcasts, What do we do?  What does the "chat" button at the top of each forum button do, (other than Fatal error: Call to a member function chatRoom() on a non-object in /home/bomberbl/public_html/forums/admin/applications_addon/ips/ipchat/modules_public/ipschat/chat.php on line 480)? hasn't started yet i take it?

There is some talking from that link Riolio posted.

The stream link above just plays music hasn't started yet i take it?

It's weird - the youtube starts when riolio started recording - go right to the end for nearly live, or about 30 mins in to start at the start of the talking

They're talking about phones.

Podcast is up

Blocked due to copyright?

Wow, yeah the Youtube version was. I delete that version anyway because it includes all the music and crap at the start.

It'snot working for me on the frontpage. Not up on iTunes either.

O no, it's working now.

there's a front page?

Yep. No idea how to get to it though. :lol: