Bluey sacked- bomber to head north?

Guy McKenna goneski. Sun and Age reckon Bomber is being sounded out through a third party.

ablett and bomber.  what a reunion

Sure he will be sounded out. They would be mad not to ask him. Doesn't mean he will be interested. 

Thought Bomber and Ablett didn’t even get along?

Pretty harsh on Mckenna, had done a pretty good job imo

screw gold coast.

Gold Coast = AFL ---- So yeah screw Gold Coast!

Good old whack from Jarred Brennan. Ouch!!

What did he say?

Good old whack from Jarred Brennan. Ouch!!

What did he say?
McKenna stubborness stopped GC players from developing.
Guessing Brennan only used one hand to type that.

Mckenna to players: give the ball to ablett

Mckenna to ablett: go and win for me mate.

Good old whack from Jarred Brennan. Ouch!!

Yeh heard it on radio. WOw! Players these days just can't deal with criticism. Sounds like another Gen Y group sooking it up. Same thing is happening at the Doggies. Us Gen Ys just can't deal with our egos being hurt.

Went late Could have nabbed Bomber a week ago. Fark all chance now.

You'd laugh if GAJr was texting Bomber all the time...


GAJr: "are you going to sign mate?"


MT: "uuuhhh haven't decided yet"


GAJr: "Are you coming? Boys would love you"


MT: "I'd like to come"


GAJr: "Will you come? Great opportunity. Piles of money"


MT: "Haven't made up my mind yet"


GAJr: "We can win a flag up here. Make the move! Will you come?"


MT: "Sorry Gary I made the decision 4 months ago, I'm staying. Really really sucks when people lie, doesn't it?"

Sacking of McKenna timing in relation to events at Essendon are just too close to be coincidental.  AFL fingerprints all over it.