Boat thread

Must be a few boaties on here. I’ve been learning to sail in recent years, mostly with my own relatively cheap 25’ trailer sailer in Qld. Am dreaming of something bigger, but my only previous boat was a 13’ power boat, so I’ve got plenty to learn yet (and money to earn). Would love to know people’s experiences, mistakes, successes and recommendations with sailing and/or “stinkboats”.

Hope this thread doesn’t sink. Ok ok, sorry but someone had to… *jumps overboard.

Whatever floats your boat.

Ok, I’ll settle for pirate jokes.

■■■■■■ landlubbers!

Thread needs more Boaty McBoatFace.

I get sea sick quite badly, ■■■■ boats


Is this the pirate metal thread?

You know, I’ve never partaken in Pirate Metal.
The keytar is more surprising than the dwarf.
The latent homosexuality, not so much.

BOAT…is this a downgrade for Nathan Lyon (now to be known as Best Of All Time)

BOAT clearly trumps GOAT. I mean, greatest could just refer to largest and, well, size isn’t isn’t everything (as I might mumble when when visiting a marina)!

Seriously? 11’posts without this one?


Harbour, safe, something something, not built for.

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Thread is accurately placed in the General Gibberish forum.