Bomberblitz 4th BBQ! - it happened

It’s with great pleasure that I can once again announce the fourth annual Bomberblitz BBQ!

So when is it?

THURSDAY 21ST FEBRUARY 2019 (yes it’s a Thursday this time). Training kicks off at 10am.

Where is it?

275 Melrose Drive, Melbourne Airport 3045, Victoria, Australia

What is it?

Basically it’s a small(ish) gathering where we borrow the third floor balcony, chat all things Essendon (we’ve had a mod attend every year so you can still be banned!), watch an intra club match and enjoy the smells and taste of a BBQ.

If you thought hot chips were good at the football, wait till you watch having a sausage on bread.

Is it free?


I’d like to attend, do I need to do anything special?

Please PM Hoffy your name and a contact number so I can keep track of who is attending and also pass on the names to the club if needed. We don’t anticipate someone doing something silly but it’s good to make sure. Feel free bring along your family. I’ll also be making name tags again to make life easier as well.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. However the last couple of occasions nearly everyone attended brought something along. If you want to bring something please post it here so I can update the list. If you say you’ll bring something but suddenly can’t attend please PM Hoffy (PMing Mendozza in this case won’t do you much good) as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements, particular if you bring something important like bread! Vegans are welcome. Let me know on the day so we can cook your stuff early so as not to mix up any of the oils / fat from the sausages.

Some sun protection would be advised. Sun shines directly on the balcony at that time of day. We’ve been burnt a few times.

Who is bringing what?

I’ve copied the list from the last bbq so we don’t forget anything. Nothing is mandatory!
Those name in brackets have confirmed what they are bringing.


  • Anything else you’d like to contribute.

Can I bring Alcohol?

No. This is strictly a no alcohol event. You can drink later, but off the premises.

Other Things

I’m not sure if the bombershop is open or if we’ll be able to arrange a tour for those who haven’t been on a tour yet. I’ll let you know when I can confirm.

If you are interested in a tour please let me know early so I can have this arranged.

I’m still not convinced

Have a look at last year’s event then.

I’m interstate or overseas, can I attend?

Yes. Tullamarine airport is just next door.

Who do we have to thank?

Pretty much anyone associated with the club. Huge thanks again to Katie for forwarding my request to the right people!


We like nice things so ask those who attend to be well behaved. Please don’t disgrace yourself, bomberblitz or the club.

Thanks for reading and hope you can attend!


Hmmm, if we’re gonna do a repeat, … I’d prefer it was BBBBQ No 2 when “My old mate Sheeds” rocked up myself, … :wink:


Would love to come but not possible during working hours on a Thursday. Hope it’s fabulous though


Sadly I won’t be able to make this day as we actually are having an offsite.

Have fun all! Until next time!


Some excuses for those who need it.

“I’ve got a meeting with a client out Tullamarine way”

“I’ve got to pick up my relative from the airport so will be away for a couple of hours”

“You have to understand, even if I don’t go i’ll be on the website eagerly awaiting updates so will be doing no work anyway”

“I only get saucepan coffee once a year”

“They put the onions on top of the sausage!”


Have a great time all. Look forward to the pics!


Nice one.

I will try to take a day off…


Unfortunately it’s a no for this one, but I reckon Bomberblitz 5th BBQ could be a goer.


Which, purely coincidentally, was scheduled in half an hour ago… :slight_smile:


Day off requested, and approved. Yay!


Thank you for organising this Mr Net.
You are a good man.


I can’t make it so could someone please eat a sausage with onion on top for me?



So… the question is… are you coming?

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I presume that last question was directed to me, so the answer is Yes, I will be there!!

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Thanks for organising again Soulnet, I’ll be there and can bring some onions and Bacon

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I’ll be there.

As will I


Yep, and will bring stuff. Thanks for organising @Soulnet

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Stop trolling me.


Who organises holidays without confirming with blitz first?