Bomberblitz 5th BBBBQ! - 2020 - CANCELLED for now

Yes, but I may drive back via Bendigo - the festival doesn’t end till 7pm, and there may be local brew spots with something on that evening.

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YES YES YES, its on a weekend! :grin:

How many attend? Put me down for donuts! (or well, anything else that doesn’t involve cooking. No guarantees if I have to find time to do that!).

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That’s heaps of time to go on a bender mate.

Cousin’s wedding that day, so I’m not a likely starter. Shame, hope you all enjoy.

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As if i’d be against anything like that.

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Also please remember to PM me your details if you are coming.

We respect your privacy so names / numbers are deleted after the event.


The timing of our visit will be fun, just before the season proper. Great work @Soulnet


Wonderful to see this on again this year. Unfortunately I can’t attend, but I enjoyed last year’s event very much - the food, the company, the jokes, the cakes, the game, the two ovals, the bombershop, the shouts and banter of the players, the receptionist…

Very highly recommended. (This is not an ad!)


You cracked onto the receptionist?


No, bought a membership off her.

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If I’m choosing to come back to Melbourne in March its between WOBs round one be there post or the BBBBQ.

I’ll probably get stuck on another Darwin trip and miss both unfortunately.

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So… Did this happen today. How was it? Any footy to report?

You’re a month early, 14Mar is the bbbbq


Haha, just realised that

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Keen, happy to bring whatever foodstuffs or try convince the mrs to whip up some dessert?


You got me worried there for a moment!

We have a baby due on the 17th. I suspect I’ll be out!

Babies are welcome.

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Please PM me your details if you do wish to come.

Desserts always go down a treat!