Bomberblitz 5th BBBBQ! - 2020 - CANCELLED for now

Sorry, I can’t make it this year.

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I think i’ve managed to rope in a chef for the full day.

Don’t feel sorry for him. He’s a Richmond supporter and my dad.


Best Richmond supporter ever! I’m still happy to contribute, it’s the best day of the footy year.


Please note session now starts at 9:30am and goes to about noon. BBQ should be done by about 1/2 if you stay for a chat post session.

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Damn it. It was finally at the right time and they made it back to too early again. :roll_eyes:

Yeah but you have your mobile coffee lab :smiley:

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Working until 1am the night before :sleeping:

Come on mate, l have the best part of 100 km to go to get there. It can’t be that bad for you.

Only double that…

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Like souly said, … but it’s the time of day, … what would take 2 hours leaving that hour later, can easily turn into a crawling 3 getting from one side of the city out to there.

Answer has been to arrive with souly an hour earlier, … which means rising at 5.30 to leave at about 6, … Just makes it a pita.

That one hour later makes a huge difference to the task being pleasurable, … or a fking nightmare.

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So you are not going to bed?

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You don’t work, mate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey, I work pretty hard on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sure, the rest of the time I take it pretty easy :slightly_smiling_face:

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I tend not to get to sleep until a couple of hours after getting home, natural night owl so will probably get around 5 hours sleep. Must remember to bring the dark glasses.

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Forecast looks okay for bbq. Better overcast then full on sun.

As those who saw at the match vs Melbourne Lite I got burnt that day…

Remember if you wish to come along please pm me your details.

It really is a great day and we do tend to get guests appear we never expect.

Who is doing the BBQ report?

Hopefully @carrotsalad


Standby for the return of sausage cam.

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Uploading the bbq to ■■■■ hub are we?

Pies just banned ppl from attending their open training session on Friday. Wouldn’t be suprised if it happens for this event.

May want to check with the club.

Damn corona virus

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