Bomberblitz 5th BBBBQ! - 2020 - CANCELLED for now

I’ll bring cocaine


Kidding :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m keen to attend. I’ll put my hand up to bring bacon. Do you think anyone would mind if I had the camera rolling too?

I’ve sent you a PM about this.

OP updated.


Small update.

For those who were looking for a tour it ‘may’ be possible on the day but it won’t be the full bells and whistles version. It’ll be more a they aren’t using this bit so we can have a look quickly and move on version.


Who’s bringing meat?

CJ dropped a bunch off to my joint to store in my freezer for this occaision, I’m not attending so I’m unsure if I should give some to the dog, as space is limited.

Will you be providing Nubians to feed them to me?

No one mentioned Nubians!
I may have to reconcider.


I am!

Check OP for who’s bringing what.

Also a small reminder to PM me your details if you are coming!

There seems to be some issues with the PM system.

If you’ve messaged me and I haven’t replied please let me know.


Donuts … check
Sauces … check

No PM issues here! :slight_smile:

Do you have someone taking toilet paper?


Have fun everyone, I’m a no-show this year, as @Soulnet has been inconsiderate enough to scheduled the bbq at a time it clashes with the Wandin chilli festival…

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OP updated with who is bringing what.

I don’t want to use the cliche but ‘ladies bring a plate’ is all we ask if you’re stuck.

I’m still working on the missus to get the potato salad happening. Also don’t forget to let me know how much bread I should be chucking in the boot :wink:

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That is a good point - how many people are attending? How many donuts do I need to bring?

As we stand it’s 21 confirmed.

This time next week it’ll be over. We’ll be full. Feeling optimistic and have had a photo with Skeeta.

Plenty of spots available!