Bomberblitz BBQ - Poll

We have been offered two potential dates for the BBQ. Which do you prefer?

  • Thursday 21st February 2019 - 10am
  • Wednesday 27th February 2019 - 10am
  • 10 - Darren Bewick

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Been told as well there is no intraclub match before the JLT series but training will involve more matchplay simulation so this will be a pre season training session.

I’ll report back to the club early in the coming week.

Update: Wednesday is a Captains run. Short session.


In Varanasi.

In Kathmandu.

So I vote 10 Darren Bewick.

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Darren Bewick will get every vote.

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I’m in Perth ATM, so Bewick also gets my vote. Perhaps next year.

Working both so come on down D. Bewick.


I’ll be back at uni the second week, so the previous Thursday would suit me best.

What’s happening on Saturday 23rd?
Is it a regular training session?
Do they normally do Saturdays?
I am confuzzled.

Not sure what they are doing. We got offered those dates.

Maybe it’s being used for something else (corporate or something)?

Nah, it’s open training. Or so it says on the site.
The offered dates are cool (I’ve voted), but the Saturday just seems weird?

Same - the people have spoken


Sorry, i wasn’t saying they weren’t training but the bbq area may already be used.

I should also stipulate that i asked for either intraclub or a longer session. Didn’t want a 40 minute captains run.


Which would be the Thursday, you would think, given we play the day after the Wednesday.

I didn’t realise this.

I’ve emailed to confirm. I doubt they’d do a two hour session and play a game the next day.

Thursday 28th is Fark Carlton day.

The Wednesday 21st is the only sensible option surely. 27th is going to be a captains run.


Can confirm the 27th is a captains run.

Have updated op.

Weekday equals Darren Bewick for me.


could someone email me a snag


Bewick was never humble (on field, anyway).

E-mail hasn’t worked out how to get onions under snags. Snapchat might be better.