Newsletter - Volume 2, Issue 1 March 2005

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Who's "The Bear", "Sex God" and "Carts"?

Who's "The Bear", "Sex God" and "Carts"?


Teddy Richards (FEED HIM), Peverill, and Cartledge.

Teddy Richards (FEED HIM), Peverill, and Cartledge.

Peedo has so much to learn.

Sex God: Pev. Think we got him into the Herald Sun Poll votes re. sexiest player one year with excessive voting. Or am I making that up?

How many newsletters were there?

And back in March 2005 a major topic of discussion was pazza’s thread on Criticising umpires…
some things do not change.

amazing response to the newsletter.

You are not making that up… Was a Blitz induced action.

In retrospect… That playing list was much better than a 13th place finish. Sad that at that stage the coaching/player development had fallen well behind the competition.

Each end of the ground would have stacked up with any list in the AFL at the time.

Back 6:

Forward 6:

Some ripping Sheedy projects in the 05 list - Henno/Bradley/Johns/Bolton/Reynolds… 4 of them played in the round 6 team vs the Lions. We lost.