BomberBlitz Virtual Cricket - Pre Season now live! Register now for first Season!

I’m running a virtual cricket competition cause there is no sport on and i’m rather bored at home.

All are welcome to play.

The rules are as follows;

Before the start of the tournament you need to select your team (A to J, check this post to see what’s available). You can’t change teams at any stage once the first round robin match beings. Max of 10 teams. Once there are 10 confirmed the tournament begins. You don’t need to be online to play as you can always see the results when you come back online, but please check regularly to be fair to those who are online and want to play.

Nine rounds are played so every team plays each other once.

There is a semi final and grand final.

Each round consists of;

  • Two teams and five matches.
  • Each team has 10 overs.
  • Overs consist of 6 deliveries.
  • A delivery consists of roll of two dice with 7 sides (7 side dice as there were too many hat tricks with 6).
  • If it’s a double 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 then batsman is out and is deducted 5 runs.
  • If it’s a double 1 then the batsman is let off the hook due to a poor umpiring decision and scores 0 for that delivery.
  • If it’s not a double number a third dice is rolled also with 7 sides and represents the number of runs they get. If the value rolled is a 5 or 7 then it’s a dot ball.
  • The team after 10 overs with the most runs is the winner.
  • For each win the team receives 1 point. Losers get 0.
  • Teams ladder is posted at the end of each round.
  • To create drama results are displayed in 4 overs, 4 overs then the final 2 overs.
  • All innings in each round is played concurrently, so no coin toss is required.

After the grand final winner is declared all teams are removed. Nominate your team again to compete in the next series!

How to Enter

When picking your team simply leave a post and which team letter you’d like to be.

Here’s the Teams so far for the inaugural official season;

Team A - wimmera1
Team B - scotty21
Team C - theDJR
Team D - Bloodstained Devils
Team E - Chris_1993
Team F -
Team G -
Team H - redbull
Team I -
Team J -

Original Trial Winner

1 - Wimmera1
1 - scotty21
1 - redbull

Bomberblitz Official Winners

Season 1 - TBA
Season 2 - TBA

Official Schedule


Sample Round

You’ll need to click to enlarge as i’ve included all ten teams and all ten overs.

And as with all Soulnet Productions, Have Fun!


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Pimpinio Tigers, pls!

If I’m allowed to pick a team name but not actually participate, in the grand tradition of Michael Palin and Ripping Yarns, I’d like to nominate Barnestoneworth United if I may.

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I’m in.

Conargo Bulls please


Cooked Pelicans

If you pick a team name you are participating anyway… sort of.

Given there are only 9 games you can ‘tip’ all upfront as well. Not as if form guide will help in anyway whatsoever.

If tipping is one layer too many just pick a team and we’ll count premierships!

I’d honestly watch a Live stream of a group of, or pair of our best gaming blitzers play a game of X box AFL.*

*However many can play, … X box or whatever runs it. Have no idea what or how it works.

Come to think of it, … if such a thing is possible, … why not get Ess to play the Colll lads on the AFL video game and live stream it to youtoob or whatever.

And then Sydney, … freo etc

I’m bored so let’s start with a 4 team comp. Only cricket in the world to run both innings at the same time.

Team A - Pimpinio Tigers
Team B - Conargo Bulls
Team C - Cooked Pelicans
Team D - Barnestoneworth United

Here’s the first five overs of round 1.

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Feel free to make give an analysis or something…

3 wickets in an over! That’s just not cricket

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My opener nabbing a wicket 2nd ball!!

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But batters falling apart in the last over ffs

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The loss of 7 wickets inside the first 5 overs is just totally unacceptable. Heads will roll at the selection table - especially after I had spent all week encouraging the team and imploring them to put a high price on their wicket.

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I’m gonna throw the Bulls a harmonica, see if they can play that.

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Maybe I should split it up to 4 quarters.
3 x 3 x 3 x 1 over.

Make the climax more exciting.

Might do that in round 2.

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Let me know when to roll results for round 1.