So we tried this once and it seemed to go alright.

So 6 years (or there abouts) later we’ve got a sequel.

Last time we recorded the cast and posted the file a few days later. This time we’ll look at going LIVE.

@dingus @wimmera1 and I will be reacting live when we take on the Dockers at Optus Stadium in round 15.

Intricacies to be communicated later.


Will this be a livejasmine exclusive?


If anyone has any suggestions or idea’s you’re more than welcome to post them and we’ll take it onboard

Can someone send a slab of beer to @Finding_Nino on the proviso that he engages in this live feed? That would be great.


The last we time we did this we nearly got the site shut down.

I aint letting Nino anywhere near this :grin::grin:


More than happy to be a part of it but up to scotty


It’s absolutely not what I should be thinking, but a part of me hopes we lose… LIVE MELTING!!!


It’s gonna be great.
Way better than the commentary we had to put up with last round, anyway.

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Fk, I was hoping for idle footy boot chit-chat content.

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Freo should sue you guys for stating that no one would ever want to otherwise pay attention to a game of theirs.

I want Nino cam.

I’ll leave you with what we all came here to see




2.03 Meter Petre should be hitting peak form by then.

Clunkin’ to the early morn’


We will be running some testing on the Monday before the game (The 19th)

Looking for 2 volunteers to help us out.

Basically helping with things like:
Can you hear us
Can you see us
How in sync are we to what’s happening on the screen.

Reply to this and I’ll PM closer to the day.

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Sorry all,

Moving this to the Giants game as I’ve been down with gastro all week and been unable to run all the testing needed.

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Ah bugger. Little Miss B very kindly brought gastro home from school this week and passed it around. Fun, ain’t it?

Gastro really gives me the sh!ts!

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The most cruel illness on kids and parents.

Kids are fkd, parents try and console but don’t really want to get close.

Kids start to recover and parents get it and don’t want the kids anymore.

Fk I hate Gastro.

In saying that, last time it went through our house, GP wrote up a script for some anti-nausea wafer tablet which worked a treat.

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