Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers, but only beat two international teams


I’ve had trouble holding this one in… It’s time for our footy club to expand and grow our brand, membership and revenue - so we officially take a step into esports. Expect to see an Essendon team in 2018!


reckon this could be such a cash cow for us if it all goes according to plan


WTF is Esports?


links broken for me…

However, finally an Essendon team that I have the athletic ability for.


The WTF responses highlight that the club will have to roll this out carefully, perhaps with a few videos explaining what it is, what it means, and why. Am I right that Adelaide is the only AFL club that’s already in this space? Anyone know how its been working out for them?


Thanks - the link was causing me heartache. Was truncating for some reason.


this must be the bewildering feeling old people get when they see a smartphone for the first time…


stay in your lane old people, this isn’t for you its for the next generation of members.


Which lane? Mid?


nah youre the adc that sits bot whole game then blames everyone else.




Is my interpretation correct that this means you can go to a stadium and watch someone in an Essendon jumper play Xbox?

And cheer them playing Halo or whatever because they’re wearing an Essendon jumper?


Hopefully not Sam Lane.


I think you drop an E, and try to play sports - which does sound entertaining to watch.


League of Legends. And yep.

More info here:

Though really, this is the important stuff for people not interested in watching someone else game;

“The Global eSports audience is projected to reach 400 million in 2018, made up of nearly 200 million eSports enthusiasts and a further 194 million occasional viewers. In 2017 the eSports economy grew to US$696 million and brands spent approximately US$517 million on advertising, sponsorship and media rights. Consumer spending this year on merchandise and tickets will amount to US$64 million.”


“Many professional sports clubs have invested in eSports, including NBA teams Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat, the New York Yankees, European soccer powerhouses Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, FC Schalke and AS Roma and in Australia, the Adelaide Crows.”


Not an Xbox, and not Halo, but more or less.


Think this is the ‘opt out’, question point of my future membership.


Does Riot do pro-team skins? Seems like something sporting clubs would be pushing for quite heavily.


Great question and not one I can answer sorry, but it looks like League Of Legends itself does.


Only if your team wins the world championship