Bombers v Crows - Eddilaide, the city of goals - game pics

Dois and Darce

Dois and Josh check out the turf before the game.

Dois leads the team up the race

Dois gets into the back of Rory

Can’t hold onto the mark after a big spoil “to the head” from Ottens

Tackles a roaring Rory

Gets a toe to the ball before the big Sauce smoothers it

JoeDan competes for the ball at ground level.

Gets the jump on his opponent at the contest

Not happy in letting that mark go through to Hartigan

One day he will decide to contest these with his hands out in front above his head, then he will be taking at the highest point.

Blind handball to a passing Bomber (hopefully) over the top of Crouch


Walla continues to improve and amaze.

Good contested mark in front

Such a nice kick around the ground

Taps to himself, gathers and he is off.

Jobe spoils the mark

And again against the bigger Sauce

Loony competed, but big Sauce man handled him around the contest. You can see Darce reading the palm down from Sauce at this contest.

Conor over the back with the fisted spoil

With an untidy bump that saw him reported


Zaka had a better return this week, but Rory is playing out of his skin at the moment, coming in with little pre-season but tearing it up on the field.

BJ shows the old legs still have some spring in them.

BJ with the clean take away from the centre bounce

Another clearance from the centre

BJ and Darce apply the Malachi Crunch to Crouch

Hangs on in the tackle to stop another goal from Eddilaide

BJ and Bags spoil the marking contest

Kicks around the body

Darce almost lets the mark slip.

Gets away the hurried kick

Raz shows great balance as he prepares to hoof it long.

Baggers fires off a handpass to clear the ball from defence

Spoils the mark

Mitch not happy with the defensive efforts

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Hurls gets the spoil

And gets spoiled

Zerrett sees the ball and goes to get the ball

Fires out the handpass

Hooksy not happy when the siren goes.

Pidge applies a strong tackle to the roaring Rory. Great game from the young fella. I hope he doesn’t get the RS nom this week for a losing team, but he certainly played good enough for one.

Curtly takes off after the loose ball, but looks up at the last moment to see…

Ambrose collect the ball and goes BOOM!

Running out through the banner

Woosha pre game address

Bangs out a quick karaoke version of Sweet Caroline in honour of SWMNBM

Stick to the game plan and for goodness sake lay some tackles!

…Bionic Man theme music plays….

You just knew when this big spud snapped the opening goal that is was going to be one of those nights.

Our plan is simple:
1. Kick it to Tex
2. Kick it somewhere near Eddie
3. Repeat

The boys aren’t happy as they leave the ground. Poor opening half pressure and then inaccurate kicking in the 3rd saw the Crows comfortably beat the Bombers.