Bombers v Doggies - Hurley #BACKIN, suck on that Doggies - photo thread


Pre-season can’t come quick enough for Woosha. Still a lot to work out with the team and a lot of change about to take place at the end of the year.

Cooney 250 games, Brownlow Medallist, All Australian, No. 1 Draft Pick,
Stokes 200 games, Dual Premiership Player
Gleeson 50 games and still going

Haylea sheds a tear at the thought that Adam is going to be home a whole lot more now.

Captain Zachy - Win/Loss Record for now 1 - 1 (I think he would take that!)
You can have a mouthgasm trying to describe how good he has been this year. He is like the Energiser Bunny, does he ever stop?
What level does this guy go to next year with the boys are back?
35 Ds, 13 CPs, @ 77.1% DE, 5 Ms, 7 Clrs, 4 R50s, 8 Ts, 5 I50s, 1.1 Goals

Cooney - 22 Ds, 8 CPs, @ 63.6% DE, 6 Ms, 4 Clrs, 3 R50s, 3 Ts, 2 I50s, 1.1 Goals. Thanks for helping the young boys develop and grow over this last two years. I am sure that your sense of humour around the club has really helped them to have some balance as well and not take themselves too seriously.

Random trivia - Coons was born two days after we had won our back to back premiership in 1985.

Warming up on Etihad for the last time.

Busting through the young dogs who have replaced him at the dog pound.

Bugger, still a quarter to go…


Doggies supporters dug out the old signs

Stokes - 31 Ds, 8 CPs, @ 77.4% DE, 9 M, 3 Clrs, 3 R50s, 3 Ts, 5 I50s
Thanks again Stokesy. I thought your last two weeks were probably your best weeks and you played your role really well. I am sure that the boys have been super impressed with the way you have gone about business. Hopefully some of that will rub off on them and make them all better. Good luck with your role in the AFL.

Daniher - 11 Ds, 7 CPs, @ 54.5% DE, 6Ms, (5 CMs, 4 I50Ms), 2 I50s, 2.3 Goals

Gee he really busted his guts and contested hard all day once again. Throws himself at the mark and busts packs. Took a few great marks today for the highlight reel. Needs to sort out his kicking over the summer, but I have no doubt he won’t stop trying to get better. He is still growing up and filling out. We ain’t seen nothing yet.


Big pack mark - He was trying for mark of the year this round. I hope he steps on a few Blues heads next week.

McKenna - 16 Ds, 5 CPs, @81.3% DE, 3 Ms, 1 Clr, 2 R50s, 2 Ts, 1 I50

Keeps presenting and runs hard all day. His defensive efforts are getting better and he always follows up his kick or handpass so if they are fluffed he can make amends or provide an option.

Good spoil on the bigger man

Fantasia - 14 Ds, 4 CPs, @ 64.3% DE, 5 Ms, 1 Clr, 2 Ts, 3 I50s, 2 bounces, 1 Goal

Has had a fantastic year. He is so quick, has great hands and leaps at the ball to take the mark. Can’t wait to see him next year with the team back together. Excitement machines in Fanta, Trav, Walla and McKenna busting the lines all day.


Dea - 14 Ds, 4CP, @ 85.7 DE, 5 Ms, 3 R50s, 1 I50

Battled all day and used his left leg to good effect. We have to pick him up as he has been solid all year. With a more mature and settled team around him I think we would see a lot more attack as he does run hard and provide good options. He is still young and barracked for Essendon, bring him in.

Jamar - 8 Ds, 4 CPs, @ 62.5% DE, 3 Ms, 17 Hos, 2 Ts

The Big Russian fought it out, but like the rest of the team was a bit flat. Along with Leueny they dominated in the hit outs. He has been a great pick up to help out in the ruck and hopefully this and his continuing ruck coaching at Essendon will help out Leuey, Bellchambers and Gach to.

Get out of his way, both fists clenched!!

Parish - 19 Ds, 12 CPs, @ 63.2% DE, 2 Ms, 2 Clrs, 1 R50, 2Ts
Back in the team after a week off he was quickly back to business. Second in CPs for Essendon, seriously loves getting in and getting his hands dirty. It has been a joy to watch him coming on this year and next year should be a cracker.

McDonald-Tipungwuti - 10 Ds, 3 CPs, @ 80% DE, 2 Ms, 2 Ts, 2 I50s
Hopefully he can will himself over the line next week and have a great game to finish off the season. There was one passage of play in the game in the last quarter where he was contesting the ball against two Doggies. They came together as a pack and somehow Walla scooted between the two Doggies and snagged the ball as he was moving and shot out the other side leaving the two Doggies staring at each other. It was real Tiwi Island magic. This bloke with a couple of preseasons and some more endurance will be scary good.

Jerrett - 15 Ds, 5 CPs, @ 66.7% DE, 9 Ms, 1 Clr, 3 I50s, 1.1 Goals
Flashed in and out but he shows something. Zerrett to Jerrett is so nice to watch.

Kelly - 30 Ds, 3 CPs, @ 93.3% DE, 11 Ms, 3 R50s, 1 T, 1 I50,
Wow, this old bloke is still racking them up and almost appears to be getting better each week. He has been the standout performer of the top ups in my opinion, but Dea is a close second.

Long - 10 Ds, 3 CPs, @ 70% DE, 3 Ms, 1 R50 , 4 Ts,
I really like the way that Longy moves and how calm he is with the footy in hand. He is not afraid to lay a strong tackle and can shake off a tackle as well. Another preseason and with the confidence he will take away from this season young Longy could really elevate his game next year.

Gleeson – 13 Ds, 3 CPs, @ 76.9% DE, 5 Ms, 4 R50s, 2 I50s
Tried hard but was not at his best. A few more kgs on the frame will really help him out, but he is certainly stronger than he looks. I like Marty and I guess so do the coaches as he has been picked pretty regularly over the past few years. Does he fit into the back six next year is the big question?

Zaharakis - 31 Ds, 9 CPs, @ 71% DE, 8 Ms, 1 Clr, 10 Ts, 1 I50, 1 bounce
Funnily enough the Doggies seemed to let him off the leash as well as Zaka got a heap of the footy again. He tackled like a mad man and has really stood up since BJ has gone out. Let’s hope he can fire again next week.

Leuenberger - 13 Ds, 7 CPs, @ 69.2% DE, 24 HOs, 2 Clrs, 1 T, 1 I50, 1 Goal
Led the way for the ruckmen and had the most hit outs. I would like to see him provide more options for the ball long down the line as we seem to go to JoeDan a lot. He can take a mark and we just need to get him moving to position.

Brown - 22 Ds, 8 CPS, @ 90.9% DE, 13 Ms, 1 Clr, 2 R50s, 1 T, 2 I50s
Keeps on racking up the marks across the field. He is a great swingman and reads the ball really well. Great options for the team next year with a number of guys who can play both ends.

Hartley - 18 Ds, 3 CPs, @ 100% DE, 8Ms, 3 R50s, 2 Ts, 1 I50

Harts indeed has a big heart. Smashed his nose in last week and then back into the frying pan again. We need to see more of his long kicking as he has a big hoof on him when he wants to. This bloke has surpassed a lot of expectations for this year. Bloody good on him.

Ouch, cops one in his already sore face from friendly fire.

Bird - 19 Ds, 5 CPs, @ 73.7% DE, 2 ms, 7 Ts, 2 I50s
He is a tough rooster and has played his role well this year. I am sure he will be very happy for some support next year in doing the tough inside stuff though. Hocking, Myers and even Jobe will provide that bigger body at the stoppage.

Langford - - 13 Ds, 7 CPs, @ 76.9% DE, 5 Ms, 3 Clrs, 4 Ts, 0.1 Goals
Uses his body well and can ride the tackles to get the ball away. I like that he doesn’t just try to bang it on, but will allow the tackler to turn him so he can present to another player. He does a good job of keep his hands free with the footy. He moves really well for a big, young bloke. Which is what he is. Only 19! FFS!

Laverde - 8 Ds, 1CP, 4 Ms, 7 Ts, 0.1 Goals
Couldn’t get to the ball but was trying and chased and tackled hard all day. He needs to get his aim back as we don’t want him going Essington. Hope he can get up for next week and play a big one. Would be great to see him snag a couple of goals against Fark Carlton just to rub it in.

Walking off, not happy Jan.

Have a long hard look at this Doggies, we are taking it back next year and your cupboard will be bare once again.

Thanks Warlock Paul.

Great pics.

I will miss this after next week. Cheers Warlock Paul.

I will miss this after next week. Cheers Warlock Paul.

Me too, but I am sure that the fantastic supporters on this site will be down to preseason training and be reporting back with piccies and encouraging news on how well the whole team is bonding.

Thank you both for being part of our journey Stokesy and Coons. Best of luck in your retirement.