Bombers v Gold Coast - Revenge is Suh-Weet! (Game Pictures)

Pre-game warmup with our newest debutante

Game faces are on as Captain Zerrett brings the team on to the field.

Seriously, how good is this bloke? Acting Captain in only his 57th game and goes out and racks up the most touches in his career. 38 Ds, 10 CPs @ 80% DE, 4 Ms, 6 Ts, 6 I50s, 4 Cs Talk about leading from the front. We have some tough hombres at the Bombres.

Deserves to be AA.

One of his 6 tackles for the game

Swipes the tackle away.

Another tackle about to land…

Picked up some tips from Captain BJ and puts them to good use.

Jakey Long

The father/son rule is a wonderful thing. We have had some cracking talent come through this way and Jakey looks to add to that list. Great first game, didn’t shirk the contest, got hands to the ball and was clean. He had a run, sold some candy, had a bounce and took some good marks. Plenty to like about him. How good is his smile?

13 Ds @ 84.6% DE, 4 Ms, 3 R50s, 1 I50, 2 goal assists and the sheppherd to allow JoeDan to turn on to his left and hoof it through was fantastic. I reckon they had a little word together about that one. His touched behind on the goal line from his set shot was a bugger.

Great work to set up Grimley for a goal.

And again to set up JoeDan!

You reckon these two young men enjoy playing together for the Bombers?

Jake looked comfortable out there. Didn’t look like he panicked or didn’t look for options. Really happy with his first outing.

After copping an elbow to the head Jakey went with the headband look.

Going for goal.

Touched on the line! Nooooooo

Zaka - Surely they will have to swab Zaka after this game?! Best game since the first few rounds of the year. Lifted big time in the absence of BJ and not having a tag to start off with allowed him to get a sniff of the ball and away he went. 40 Ds, 11 CPs @ 80% DE, 4 Ms, 4 clearances, 4 R50s, 6 I50s.

JoeDan - Loving his efforts up and down the park. Had a mate watch the game with me who is a rugby union follower, but knows Aussie Rules. He thought JoeDan was one of the best on the day as a big man. 17 Ds @ 82.4%, 8 Ms with 3 of them contested, 1 R50,. 5 I50s, 1 Goal, 1 goal assist

Gets on the skates…

Grimley - Goes for the speccy. Needs to do a lot more if he wants to make it. Doesn’t impact enough for a big man IMHO. 5 Ds @ 60% DE, only 1 M!!!, 4 Hit Outs. His goal was came from an incorrect call when Longy was legged but managed to slip a handpass to Grimmers straight in front.

Pops Kelly - Another solid game from Pops. Just keeps on getting the ball and using it well. 26 Ds, 9 CP @ 92.3%, 7 Ms, 5 R50s

Paddy Ambrose - Tough, tough, tough. He was on Lynch all day and made him have to work for every possession. All the “experts” had “the Coleman Medal contender” penciled in for 10 goals. Yes, it was a team effort, but this bloke was the one applying the vice like grip around Lynch. 17 Ds @ 94.1%

LAV! - Is going to be a monster on the field as he fills out. 12 Ds, 4 Cps @66.7%, 3 Ms, 3 I50s, 1 goal assist, 2 behinds.

Matty Dea - Wow, fantastic game as part of the defensive group. Gave away size all day and yet kept on battling. 20 Ds, 9 CPs @ 90% DE, 7 Ms, 3 R50s, 3 Ts, 1 I50.

Jerrett - Some good linking up on the wings and through the centre square and a nice dribbled around the corner goal. Fluffed a couple of fast break rebounds but kept on going. 17 Ds, 7 CPs @ 70.6% DE, 3 Ms, 1 T and 4 I50s. 1.1 goals

Fanta - Fantastic to have him back out there and making an impact straight away. His run and marking capabilities make him a very hard match up. 3 goals! Can’t wait to see him and Colyer tearing it up in the forward half. 9 D’s, 4 CPs @ 66.7% DE, 4 Ms all inside 50, 1 R50, 2 Ts, 3.1 Goals. Is that the best 9 touches this year?

I don’t even know how to describe this manoeuvre… What the…?

Birdy - Once more to the fray. Very important player in and around the stopages, just gives his all. 25 Ds, 11 CPs @68% DE, 1 M, 6 clearances, 1 R50, 9 Ts and 1 Goal.

Stokesy - The best game he has played for the club. He was everywhere at the end and really showed the mature head and play that he was brought in for. 32 Ds, 9 CPs @ 81.3%, 7 Ms, 2 clearances, 2 R50s, 2 Ts, 4 I50s and 1 goal assist.

Conor - Loves a bounce and a goal! Great to see him link up with Walla in the third quarter as they switched play from one side of the field to the other. 22 Ds, 5 Cps @ 77.3% DE, 3 Ms, 5 R50s, 4 Ts, 4 I50s and 2 goals. Took 4 bounces as well. He is starting to hit his stride.

Walla - Again just looks so smooth across half back. His gathering of the ball and taking off is electrifying. He appears to have his opponents mesmerised as he leaves them in his wake. 19 Ds, 5 CPs @ 89.5% DE, 8 Ms, 2 R50s, 3 Ts, 1 I50.

Mitch Brown - Swung back and forwards and delivered at both ends. Great game. 21 Ds, 5 Cp @ 95.2% DE, 11 Ms, 2 Ts, 3 I50s and a great goal.

Matthew Leuenberger - The big Loony won the ruck battle with most hit outs. 9 Ds, 4 Cps @ 77.8% DE, 3 Ms, 1 I50, 29 Hit Outs.

Marty Gleeson - Liked his game again. Took some good marks, provided options and also used the ball really well. He makes really good choices with the ball. 23 Ds, 5 CPs @ 87% DE, 5 Ms, 6 R50s, 1 T, 1 I50.

Hartley - Played half a game with his nose squashed across his face. His toughness and bravery to come back on and be effective on the track allowed us to get the win. 8 Ds, 3Cps @ 75% DE, 4 Ms, 2 Ts and 15 1%ers!

Pre nose job.

Nose job.

The claret runs freely.

Franken-Hartley returns to the field after having a new head attached as the old one didn’t pass the concussion test.

New eyes being calibrated.

Kept giving his all and didn’t shirk one contest.

The defensive efforts from the whole team were great and we made their tall forwards look pretty ineffective.

Love your work WP. Thanks for the pics & stats.

Rocket looking at the magnets at half time and realising they didn’t have one for Zaka…

New magnets attached after half time, but too late as Zaka had his mojo back.

Woosha looks happy after a great first qtr.

Yes, I think that was a smile!

Third quarter huddle was a bit more animated as Woosha could see what was coming if he could get the boys up one last time.

The fat lady has sung - How sweet the taste of victory after such a bitter year. Well done boys! I hope that this lifts you for the last few games and we finish the season off well. Give us something to hold onto over the pre-season. The look on the boys faces is priceless.

How good is this Jakey?

Finally they get to give away some footballs to the kids.

Woosha would have been super proud of Fraken-Hartley and the toughness he displayed. To come back out and impact the game like he did with his nose smashed in, stitches and cotton wool packed to the top of his skull allowed us to go for the win. Fantastic effort. I reckon he is ■■■■■■ sore today.

Franken-Hartley then tries to give his footy to Woosha mistaking him for a small child on the boundary.

Captain BJ looks super proud

The Team song and traditional sports drink baptism for the first time winners.

(Birdy may have been trying to catch what verse they were singing)

Jakey and Birdy laugh at Lav’s DeNiro impersanation.

Yes!!! Farking YES!!!

Thank you WP, very much appreciated.

Such great photos when the players are smiling after a win. Thanks for posting, WP.

Thanks Warlock Paul, great job posting.

Fantastic pics.

Thanks Warlock Paul, I look forward this time on Monday with the pics.

Thread of the year. So much to love. I think the four hugs around Zerrett at the siren is my fave.