BOOMERS EXPLODE on The Philippines, and take a few OUT!

The hell happened with The Boomers??

Never seen anything like it on a Basketball Court.

Some of these guys need to add boxing to their training sessions.


Maker outta no where like

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Sports will do anything to increase viewership

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I expect the AFL to respond with a brawl of their own this weekend




More like the Phillipines exploded on us. What absolute dogs. Kick the whole fkn team out for a long time



that’s embarrassing for all involved.

It’s a contact sport.

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Some of the Boomers have some blame in that too. But the rest behaved like a pack dogs that’s for sure.

Why did the game continue with the Philippines down 9 players? Bizarro world.

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Did the first Aussie take a dive? I can’t tell.

he did a Rance, no doubt about that, minimal contact to the upper chest, fell over like a sack of spuds, and sprung back to life once he realised there was a brawl

the first Australian hit to the philippino dude was pretty brutal though, and over the top considering the dive his australian team mate took


Yeah what the hell is this tripe that its always the aussies fault.
Ffs a phillo player picked a chair up and threw and hit a boomer in the head when he was at the back of the pack doing pretty much nothing.

They charged thw court and the boomers players and one of our guys was pretty badly set upon , what the ■■■■ did they expect out players to do ?
Just stand there and cop a belting ?

I expect the aussie players will get tougher punishments , cos you know its always worse and unacceptable when an aussie does something, you know even if its to defend themselves , how dare they.

Does anyone else hear them blame Jason Dunstall in the commentary? (about 3:20)

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pack of dogs

I hope they release the audio of the PH coach during the time out

Commentators doing their best to lay the blame on the Australians.


Well, that escalated quickly.


Basketball finally got interesting.