Bowral Bombers Bus Round one vs GWS

Hey fellow Blitzers

I’m organising a mini bus or maybe larger depending on response as we have a few Bombers supporters down here in the NSW Southern highlands
My plan is that we’ll all gather at the Royal Hotel BOWRAL mid morning and aim for a departure time of about 11am
We will catch up with my good mate Nikki (NSW Bombers prez) and other the red & black hordes before witnessing what will be a demolition of GWS with Shiel & Dev to get 2&3 Charlie votes (order not important)
I’ll arrange for the bus to stay at Olympic Park & bring us back to Bowral after the game
If you’ve ever tried to get a connecting train from Olympic Park back to the highlands you’ll appreciate what a headache it can be :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I have a mate who drives for the local mini bus company and I’m just doing some prelim estimates on no. of likely passengers so I can work out what size bus we’re gonna need
We have a coupla Bombers mates to pick up on the way up the Hume Hwy to Shitney
PM me if you’re local & want to climb aboard

Bring on the 2019 season


Well done you! Great initiative.

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I travel to Newcastle each year for the first round, we usually sit in a mates shed, drinks beers, eat fudge, bet and have a great weekend, they barrack for FarcCarlton and the filth. Surprisingly they are all good people. Well after much persuasion, we are all going to Spoteless to see the Dons v GWS with all barracking for the Dons. It going to be a great day, I hope Mozzies playing! I am dressing them all in my old membership scarves.