Brad Scott - time for probing the probematic spelling (Part 2)

I thought our positioning in the second half was really good. Saints found it hard to ping it quickly off the backline and went to the wing often. I also liked the aggressive press, think kicking goals from there is tough and we need to be prepared to have guys take shots from 50. I’m sure the coaches wouldn’t want that, but when you win the ball back from an aggressive press there is just no space.

Same. I thought it was good in the 2nd half. But this game was similar to the Hawthorn game in that we were lucky the opposition didn’t get a real hold of us because we were all at sea until the 2nd half.

As Alex is alluding to, multiple coaches have failed to rectify this issue for the better part of a decade. It’s unacceptable that it continues.


Much like the Hawthorn game, Saints didn’t capitalise on their scores which left the game open.

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Should we tell him.

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Papley wouldn’t have said anything if he wasn’t bothered by it.

And it came off Saturday against a team supposedly with it.

It’s now a buzzword due to the submoronic Melbourne media. And footballers, being a pretty simple lot, will start to get side tracked by it and it will become an actual construct, when all it ever really was is something most teams do regularly.

And now we’re one of them.

Music to the ears.

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Yea I don’t disagree. Also thought some of those goals early came from atrocious skill errors that no side would be able to defend. Will be interesting to see how many goals on average we concede over the next month. I hopeful that with improved effort we can get some better structure in place… Hopeful not confident.

Not until Grand Final Day


Maybe Scott is our Thibs?

Bombers defender Redman vows no repeat of ‘pretty stupid’ act as Dons define ‘edge’

Mason Redman was suspended for a week after a jumper punch in Round 1, but he says that act was the furthest thing from the ‘Essendon edge’.

Glenn McFarlane and Adelaide

Inspirational Essendon defender Mason Redman has vowed to keep control of his on-field emotions, insisting he had learnt his lesson from an uncharacteristic double-handed strike on Hawk Jai Newcombe which cost him a one-week ban earlier this season.

As the Bombers prepare to bring their much-talked about ‘Essendon Edge’ into a prime-time Gather Round Friday night clash with Port Adelaide, Redman said there won’t be a repeat of his “pretty stupid” act from a emotion-charged round 1 clash with Hawthorn.

He missed the club’s round 2 clash with Sydney as a result, but said he wanted to keep his on-field edge without going over the line.

“It was a pretty stupid act, to be honest,” Redman said as he and the Bombers arrived in Adelaide late on Thursday.

“You can’t get away with those things in modern football. It was definitely a brain fade on my behalf. I have put my hand up and owned that, and I will try and stamp those (acts) out of my game from here on.”

Much has been made of the ‘Essendon Edge’, mostly from outside of The Hangar, but Redman said it had more to do with intent, attack on the ball and contested work rather than any targeted physical attack on the opposition.

“I think when the ball is there to be won, that’s where you can make your impact … (to show) you are harder than the opposition,” he said.

“You don’t show that in a few jumper punches on the wing on the MCG … you show it when the ball is between you (and the opposition), and it is ready to be won.

“That’s something I will be looking forward to bringing into the future.”

Redman, 26, recommitted to the Bombers late last year, despite offers to return to South Australia (he is from Millicent), with his belief in the young group being one of the reasons behind his decision.

Two wins from the club’s first three games - with only a loss to Sydney - has partly validated his belief, especially the performance from a handful of young guns including Archie Perkins, who has relished more time in the midfield.

“These are the guys who have now had a lot of games under their belt and I think the fruits of that are starting to show,” he said. “We are 2-1 at the moment and wins aren’t everything, but the guys have started the year really positively.”

“Hopefully they can take that forward for the rest of their careers.”

Big-name recruit Ben McKay has made an immediate impact in the key defensive post, so much so that Redman thinks he can become the best backman in the AFL.

“He has had an unbelievable start to the year, it would have been awesome to have (Jordan) Ridley and Zach Reid pair with him, but it hasn’t worked out so far,” he said.

“We’ve started the year all right, and going forward, we want to see those guys alongside him. I believe he can be one of the premier defenders of the competition.”

He said a match-up with Port Adelaide loomed as another early season audit, but he was confident the Bombers are ready to make an impact against a top eight challenger.

“Port has started the year well and what better way to get into Gather Round than playing against them under the Friday night lights,” he said.

“It should be a great game. We’re hoping for a massive turnout.”




Farking useless which I know

■■■■ selection

■■■■ game day

Goodbye Scott got earn your money from AFL

Brad’s game plan is win the centre clearance.

Once we don’t do that, we are the most pedestrian team in the league.

Slow, old, pedestrian.

This is Bradball.

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hehehehehehehehehehehehehe :heart:

We’re heading in the right direction guys :heart:

Patience :heart:

Team is just so bloody slow on every line. Need to take some pain this year and blood the kids, just cant keep going with Kelly, Hep, Laverde, Menzie, Hobbs (especially as a forward) they just arent going to take us forward. Just got to get both Daveys, Tsatas, Caddy, Roberts, even Hayes in the team, get the games into them. So we finish 16th instead of 13th, but ■■■■ me that is the path out of this meaningless ■■■■ cycle.

Scott is having a bit each way and trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes. He will very soon be on borrowed time. He aint the one.


LOL at anyone who thinks a different coach will make an Adrian Dodoro built list successful.


Hirds mate, dudoro.

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We have been poor to average for 20+ years, it’s the same thing with Scott as it was with Rutten and Worsfold. Don’t be fooled by the talk…

We need a clean out of the list, a new coach and coaching staff. Rosa needs to get a bunch of picks in over the next two years, and not be influenced by who Dodoro thinks is best…

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Email incoming.

“Adrian Dodoro is stepping back from his duties but will still control contracts, and will oversee trading and drafting with Rosa for the next 8 years, or until Rosa gets sick of dealing with Adrian and leaves the club, therefore leaving Adrian in control of contracts, draft and trade recruitment. It’ll be a seamless transition and football club best practice, nationwide.”


It’s insane. We have recruited terribly and yet he’s still having a big say