A mate sent me this from another fan site. It’s not bad.

Below is a team, listed in position from the backline. Some of the names will be familiar, others less so but all played VFL/AFL.

Your task is to find the common link.

B: John James Chad Morrison Majak Daw

H/B: Alex Keath Ted Richards Neville Stone

C: Jason Gram Michael Parsons Craig Bird

H/F: Farren Ray Rick Davies Rene Kink

F: Lachie Neale George Young Gary Cowton

R: Chris Bryan Chris Connolly Eric Sweet

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Easy, they’re all male.


There’s a musical link, without giving it away.


Ha, I think you gave it away!


I’ve always been a fan of Alex Ted’s work in The Nevilles.


Chris Chris rocks!


well, I assume the link is the same all the way through? I got the FB and HB line

James Morrison The Doors
Keith Richards The Stones
Gram Parsons The Byrds
Ray Davies The Kinks
Neil Young Crazyhorse (Gary Cowton’s nickname)

Brian Connolly The Sweet

Tried to put a spoiler round it, but it just wouldn’t cooperate.

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Yep, Noonan has them all correct. Crazy Horse would have tricked a few I think.

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Here’s another quiz from the same source. Nobody on that site has cracked it yet.

It’s baffled me, but my mate asked if Blitzers could possibly help solve it.

What is the common link to all seven lines in this team?

B: Mitch Robinson Michael Ford Andrew McLeod

H/B: Sam Walsh Nick Gill Shannon Hurn

C: Kevin Dyson Josh Kelly Zach Merrett

H/F: Lynden Dunn Barry Hall Jack Silvagni

F: Zac Bailey Jonathan Hay Stephen Milne

R: Ben Hudson Russell Robertson Sam Mitchell

I/C: Tom Hickey Brad Miller Steve Hoffman Toby Greene

Update: It’s been solved, but I’ll leave this up in case anyone wants to have a go.

Think I’ve got one of them - Walsh (Joe) and Gill (Vince) are both current members of The Eagles (with Shannon Hurn also being an Eagle).

No clue about the rest.

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Think you’ve cracked it.

Forward line, Bailey and Hay where in the Saints.

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Is it pre-season already?

Chris has found the key to the puzzle. There are some easy(ish) ones and some more difficult ones among the other lines. I’ll leave it open for a while longer.

A bit too obscure for most, myself included.

Too cryptic for me too, CJ. A case of being too clever by half I think.

I thought somebody may have stumbled upon the rest once they realised the format.

Anyway, in case anybody cares, here are the other answers.

B; Chris (& Rich) Robinson and Marc Ford played in The Black Crowes. Andew McLeod was a (black) Crow.

C: Chris Dyson and Paul Kelly played in the High Rise Bombers. Zach Merrett is a Bomber of course.

H/F: Donald “Duck” Dunn and Willie Hall played in The Blues Brothers. Jack Silvagni is a Blue who also has a brother who played for Farkcarlton.

R: Garth Hudson and Robbie Robertson played with The Hawks (later The Band). Sam Mitchell was a Hawk (and a farking piece of ■■■■!).

I/C; Dan Hickey, Dan Miller and Kurt Hoffman played with They Might Be Giants. Toby Greene might also be a Giant.

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Jack silvagni had a brother? He must have been real crap

Ah jeez

I had absolutely no idea. Very tricky.

Seriously? Was there a brother?