Brazil, Bolsonaro & The Amazon


They reamed Libya and are assisting the KSA of committing one of the worst humanitarian crises (Yemen) in my lifetime.

Fark Hilary, and fark Obama too who most on the left seem to deify because he was so polite and spoke so eloquently. The guy bailed out Wall Street, didn’t prosecute anyone, kicked 5 or so million from their homes, escalated the use of drone strikes killing significant civilians, kept the policy of torturing U.S citizens (Hi Pvt Manning!) and basically just did the bidding of his donors (as do all establishment politicians in the U.S)


He doesn’t.


He doesn’t as such, but has made comments such as “do you really think our country’s so innocent”? When some CNN dingbat was carrying on about Putin. Things like that get up their goat a bit.


Well that doesn’t make any sense.
If the reason you’re voting for him doesn’t happen, in fact you could point to a few policies where the reverse is happening, then you have no reason to vote for him.

People do, though, and will.
Because of cult of personality and someone to blame.
It’s not a good thing.


But Trump drained the swamp, didn’t he?

Or just replaced the frogs with cane toads?


Drained the swamp, claimed the land, built the apartments, stiffed the builders, had a cigar with his fellow investors at Mar a Lago, admired his fake Time Magazine cover on the wall.


And Clive Palmer trying to do the same thing, but seriously, anybody who runs as one of his candidates is simply choosing to ignore everyone who ran with him last time. All left him (bar one) ASAP.

Make Australia Great Again.

■■■■■■■ corporate criminal in my book.


This argument that it is ok to elect absolutely incompetent, dangerous, and more often than not misogynist, racist, bigots because of the perception the “establishment” has screwed you over is some next level justification.

As the US, Britain, Italy, and soon Brazil will find out, anger makes for very questionable and fatal decision making.


Only a perception is it?


That’s a simply a laughable statement on so many levels


Not laughable, but I am sure voters veer to the right due to anger, more likely it is fear on many levels.

And if you replace the “establishment” with Government, I would argue that most of us have felt screwed over at one time or another.

In fact, I reckon anger makers voters veer to the left.