Breaking stuff - the home reno thread

Solar system (10.23kW) and heat pump hot water system (Apricus 260L) now installed. Solar is on but feed-in tariffs not yet enabled. Heat pump timer is set so that the unit heats water only between 9am-5pm. Seems to work fine. Have had evening baths followed by morning showers without running out of hot water.


I was just scrolling back to find when I constructed my outdoor decking and realised I’d missed this post.

That’s frigging diabolical, lol !! I hope you rang the nob that installed it and got him/her back.


We went with a 315L Sanden (I think that’s what it’s called) which has been installed about a week. It’s a tonne quieter than I thought it would be.

For winter, I thought I’d have to heat the water off peak, overnight, as the solar might. Or offer enough.

We have heat pump on Eco mode (reverse cycle only, no elec element) and scheduled 9-5 as mentioned. All good so far.

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Is that with the in built controller, or an aftermarket set up? You just need to make sure the water is heated properly every day or two, for legionella killing purposes!

Sanden is top shelf.

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Yes. Paid top dollar for it.

My mindset was actually to go cheap and cheerful electric, and just use it as a ‘battery’ to soak up the solar. Then upgrade to a heat pump in a few years once the tech was cheaper. I even installed a diverter to send surplus electric to the HWS.

But wife said ‘no, I have a better idea…’ so we got heat pump.

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Do you mean my Apricus? On Eco setting, the built in controller heats to 60 degrees from a low threshold of 48 degrees. It runs from 9 to 5 daily

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