Breaking stuff - the home reno thread

Here we talk about making your house more or less broken.

Disclaimer: all advice is general.
All of us (unless specified) are backyard bunnings hacks.
Don’t touch wires, especially not the brown one.
Please consult a proper tradie.
Please consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

Or Red. Or white. Or blue. Or black. Or green /yellow.

Any of em, actually.


So does this slab run up to the back door? If so , what’s the step down height from the door sill? That’s the most important aspect initially, as it often rules in or out the idea of a deck , and definitely how to go about it.

I’m currently building a low level deck at my place. The first half rolls over a covered concrete slab from the back door but then extends out into open ground. There’s a few ways to do it, but the final height is the first thing to determine.

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I always had you down as a low level deck, sal!


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Does it help if it’s big?

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Can you fit all your friends on it?

The ones I’d like, it’ll manage.

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DIY - or in my case Do Yourself In!

Some say I’m clumsy - I just call it unlucky!

Out of hospital yesterday after my latest DIY setback.

PS I’ve tried to add a spoiler to blur the image. Let me know if it doesn’t work.


That’s pretty gnarly - hope you’re ok!

Clubhouse leader, @Mackster !!


It didn’t work. But I’ve fixed it.

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Lost a bit of length - still plenty left to chop off in the future.

Wife had the worst job of fetching the missing piece for the ambo.


Power tool?

Worse - caught in a hinge on a pole that fell and tore off.

Oh dear.

That’s what I said!

  • May be under playing it.

There’s a couple of steps down. I think floating deck will work, but if want to perhaps talk to my neighbours about it due to it being right on the fence line.

The floating deck certainly is good in that it won’t impact any drainage issues.

I’m building a privacy screen in large measure for our neighbours benefit, since they’re a paranoid bunch of hermits.

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Are they sick of seeing your big deck?

As a kid(me being pre puberty years, but can’t forget it), my neighbours mum used to sunbake completely naked in the backyard. Not saying I looked more than once. But let’s say the fence had a few gaps in it and I was curious :joy:

That wasn’t city living though. I’m guessing city people with all over tans use solariums or nudist beaches.