Broken Embeds on New Blitz?

Blitz now has an SSL certificate. That’s great for security! However it’s also bad news for some embeds. And because this site has a certificate it won’t embed anything from a site that doesn’t.

When embedding an image, ensure the link starts with https:// and not http://

Spot the difference?

… YeS

(5 character posting is a PITA.)

Also, … weird that you can’t bold one letter in a word. Appears in the post as this.

Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous




Ridiculouser Ridiculouser Ridiculouser

It seems you can only bold one letter in a word if it’s the first one. And you can’t bold any letters in the middle or at the end of the word, without starting from the first one.

Weird !


Is that a Spot-The-Difference puzzle?

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Test of non-https site…

Yep, that works.

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I was testing the diff between https and http sites for embedding a pic. Seems they both work as boot and DJR have shown also.

@Riolio is this really an issue?

■■■■■■ dogs!!

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Maybe those images aren’t ‘embedded’? Embedding means something more like multiple aspects of a tweet fully appearing just from its URL???