Brook V GGG

Brook: 36-0-KO25
Golovkin: 35-0-KO32

On the line: WBA, WBC, IBF and IBO middleweight titles

Prediction: Brook to go 36-1

A 2x division step up is a huge challenge in a normal week but a 2x division step up to fight GGG is the pugilistic equivalent of climbing Everest without the aid of oxygen. Brook’s technical superiority should see him into the middle rounds but it’s hard to see him keeping Golovkin at bay and staying out of the hitting zone for the duration. Brook is very good, but not GGG good. Golovkin by TKO in the 7th.

Golovkin by TKO in the 5th.

Three things.

  1. K Brook can fight
    2 G Golovkin is hard as nails
  2. Must be a re-match

Full on action for 4 1/2 rounds.

Screw you, HBO.

Another copy of the highlights. Great fight.

Brook was the only one who landed any shots with malice. These two have to go again.

Alvarez v Golovkin. The world wants it.