Brownlow 2023


3 way tie


Bont by 4

Meh. Happened last week in the VFLW.

(From the 1 and 3 votes in the last read-out match!)

Also, the VFL one teased a tie with the second last vote being the correct team + the correct first initial + a huge pause… and then the wrong surname. Hilarious if you’re not B……… Whoever.

Anyone other than Zerrett topping our votes?

Maybe Marto?


Kane Corne to win journalist of the year after “firing up” Taranto into a run of form which sees him reach near-Brownlow form. Sam Walsh to present him with the award on the night.

I just want to see the red carpet.


Zerrett, Martin, Langford to poll well.

Bont to win
Daicos top 3

Errol Gulden to top Sydney and be top 10
Tom Green to top Giants
Dawson - Crows


Zerrett to get the most for us by a mile and even sit in the lower part of the leaderboard for a fair chunk.

Daicos to win.

Zerrett by a country mile for us. Although if the Umps stopped giving him votes due to ineligibility, then Langers.

Bont to win it.

Bont is so dreamy :heart_eyes:


If Zach gets more than 14 votes, he becomes the third highest vote getter* at Essendon.

Only sitting behind Hutchison and Reynolds.

*Adjusted for the years where multiple umpires gave votes in each game.


Heppell could move up a couple spots if he polls 3 votes as well.


I can’t see Langford polling well. Average Key Forwards are virtually ignored by the boys in yellow.

OMG, we really do take Zach a bit for granted, don’t we, I think history might assess him as being truly one of our greats . However, he needs either a Brownlow, a Flag or both as a cherry on the top.

You may be right. Parish probably out polls him as a mid.
But he still should be in our top handful

just look at the Nobby results.

With Heppell and Stringer finishing just outside the top 10.

Petracca is my “smokie”. Merrett should get more than 14 easily, and parish will get the second most in all likelihood.

Neale at $13.00 does not look like a bad shout at all


Doubt he polls after what ever round he got suspended. Was definitely in Brownlow form then until the Geelong game.

I think we’d be lucky to see maybe 6 or 7 players poll at most.

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Umps don’t “deliberately” remove players from votes just cos they’re ineligible, do they? I know how compromised the medal appears/is, but is this established that they do it?